Orthodontics: user manual

Transparent aligners. They are more comfortable and aesthetic, but the fact that they can be removed makes some users forget that constancy depends on the final result. Use them all day, except when you go to eat or brush your teeth. Do not smoke or drink liquids that, like coffee or wine, can dye them.

Brackets. Avoid hard or sticky foods (chewing gum is prohibited) to prevent pieces from falling off or bows twisting. Dense fruits, such as apples or peaches, chop them into small pieces and forget to eat them with bites, like sandwiches. If sores appear, help them heal by consuming foods rich in vitamin A (dairy products and orange vegetables).

Extreme cleaning

One of the risks to be avoided is that of cavities. To avoid it, you need to make a careful brushing, tooth by tooth, after each meal, with special attention to the area around the bracket and below the wires. Complement it using an irrigator, interdental brushes, orthodontic-specific dental floss and mouthwash.