Orinoterapia, the last extravagance of Madonna

There are certain barriers that we should never cross. When the 'facial vampire' became fashionable, we had our doubts. Did it really work? Is it safe ?, and above all, necessary? Discrepancies aside, it is one of the most widespread procedures among the famous to show off radiant skin. But it is not the only extravagance that the stars carry out to stay young. If not, tell them to Madonna, who has uploaded to his Instagram account a more than revealing video about what he does to stay spectacular at 61 years old.

In the video clip that you have shared with your followers, we can see it taking a ice bath and … wait to see the images.

In the Instagram video we can see how the singer, after each concert, takes ice baths with the aim of making the recovery of tendons and muscles faster after performing a demanding physical activity. What we did not expect, is what happens next. Madonna grabs with her hands a white cup that contains her own urine and says "It's really good to drink urine after leaving the icy bath", emphasizing the pseudoscience that follows together: urine therapy Some of his fans, have been quick to comment (negatively, of course).

Surprisingly, it is nothing new: it is something millennial.


What does it consist of?

The urine therapy or the so-called auto urine therapy It consists in the application or intake of urine for medicinal purposes. Yes, according to this trend, the benefits of ingesting your own pee are countless. There are even people who massage the skin or gums with it, although there is no scientific evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of this practice for its use therapeutic.

Moreover, it can be even dangerous, since drinking urine means ingesting the waste already filtered by the kidneys. In addition, it can also cause infections, since once the urine leaves the body, it is contaminated with external batteries. Where does this practice come from? It was carried out hundreds of years ago by the Aztecs or the Egyptians with the belief that urine had healing properties. The origin is as follows, in the womb the urine is not considered as something to be undone, therefore, there is no reason why, once outside, we should not consume it.

Its use cutaneously has no damage to the naked eye (as is known) however, its consumption and especially its injection, can have fatal consequences for the organism. In 2009 a death was already registered due to the injection of urine in a Bolivian model, Gabriela Ascarrunz. This, added to the fact that there is no scientific evidence of its functioning, does not make this therapy the best option to treat discomforts or to accelerate the metabolism and therefore, lose weight, which is why Madonna consumes her urine.

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