Orient chic: the new trend to decorate interiors

With this new style of oriental origin it is possible to create a space that transmits calm and tranquility through order and simplicity. We show it to you to encourage you to implement it.

Last update: 24 September, 2022

Many of the recent decorative trends have one or more elements of Eastern culture. It is that the practices of that region, and in particular the Japanese, prioritize compositions that transmit calm and passivity to the interior of the home. One of the most used in 2022 is decoration orient chic.

It is a trend that does not neglect the aesthetic issue. Through soft lines, neutral colors and minimalist furniture, it is possible to build very colorful interiors. However, the priority has to do with the tranquility that a particular arrangement of space conveys.

What is “orient chic” decoration?

A new trend of oriental origin has been installed in livings and multiple household bedrooms. In this case, It is a practice that seeks to generate the feeling of peace, order and calm. Then, those same sensations are transmitted to people. A typical oriental feature.

But the trend orient chic does not neglect the aesthetic aspect. The main objective is to achieve harmony in the combination of calm, beauty and comfort. For that, a series of particular characteristics are used. They include linear textures, colors in neutral ranges and the inclusion of handcrafted elements.

In this way, it is possible to achieve an original style. With just a few reforms and without a large investment of money, own objects are revalued and the comfort of the space is reorganized. At the same time, very elegant rooms are achieved that convey the calm and tranquility typical of Japanese culture.

Characteristics of “orient chic” decoration

implement the trend orient chic it’s simple and much cheaper compared to other styles. This is because it prioritizes refurbished furniture, vintage items, and the handcrafted component.

Color range

A space that seeks to convey calm, order and comfort is compatible with a neutral color range. Soft tones, in the range of beigewhite or gray work very well.

However, it is not necessary that there be only one tone. It is also possible to make combinations with colors such as blue or pink, as long as a subdued atmosphere prevails in the room.

Minimalism with neutral colors can be seen in other decorative trends, such as the Scandinavian one.


In decoration, minimalism deals with reducing the burden of space to the essentials. The tendency orient chic also incorporates aspects of this category.

The priority is to have environments stripped of the little necessary and of what does not work. In this way, more comfortable areas for circulation and with free sectors are achieved.

Crafts in trend orient chic

The incorporation of some furniture or ornament made by hand goes beyond the craft issue. It is a form of add a component of exclusivity, personalization and spirituality.

Therefore, the presence of handcrafted objects is essential to achieve a home orient chic. As for the materials, the presence of wood is recommended.

imperfect aesthetic

It may sound contradictory, but in this trend of Japanese origin it is possible to identify the beauty within objects, furniture or decorations that have signs of use. It is a way of prioritizing the stories behind the material.

This does not mean that all elements of the space must be broken. But rather, to achieve a balance in the combination of new and used objects.

Reuse of furniture

One of the aspects for which the decoration orient chic is accessible to all is for its low investment. For example, when it comes to new furniture and objects.

For this trend, it is more valuable to refurbish old furniture than to acquire new ones. Painting them with different colors, repairing them or changing some component can be the solution to restore freshness.

In this way, it is possible to renew the old grandmother’s armchair, an inherited wardrobe or the tables and chairs that are already several years old. Inside of the orient chic, more important than the brilliance of the new is that the object has a story behindeither their own or their ancestors.

Looking at images of oriental rooms can serve as a guide to understand the concepts of calm and order in Japanese culture.


To follow the line of a trend that provides tranquility and comfort, in the textile aspect the use of natural fabrics and fibers is recommended. Cotton, linen or coconut fiber appear as good options for objects such as bedding or cushions. Hand-woven rugs in soft colors also fit the style.

The meaning of the “orient chic” trend

To decorate the home with this trend, you have to keep in mind its meaning in a conceptual way. orient chic It is not only a way to beautify an environment or to seek calm through order. It is also a way to revalue the elements that are already owned.which are part of the space and do not have to be discarded.

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