Open concept: the decorative style that you will like to know

Had it occurred to you to join the bathroom with the dressing room or the kitchen with the dining room? This falls under the “open concept” decorative style. Here, what you should know.

Last update: 15 October, 2022

If you want to take better advantage of the spaces, the open concept It is a decorative style that you will like to know. It is about achieving a diaphanous distribution, so it takes advantage of homes with few square meters.

Today the decoration open concept has gained many followers. This is because needs have changed and families are no longer as large as in the past. Similarly, departments are getting smaller.

The “open concept” to make spaces less overwhelming

If you have a remodeling project, the ideal is that you know all the options that the market offers you, including open concept decoration. With it you may need to break down some walls, taking care not to throw load-bearing walls, pillars or beams.

Let’s see what spaces in your home can be adapted to this style.

1. Integrated kitchen and dining room

It is about breaking down the walls that separate both areas. Yes, we know that these are traditionally conceived as isolated areas, but the separation will be done in a different way. To delimit the space you can use an island, a table or a rug.

Thus, you can interact with the rest of the family while you prepare dinner. If you don’t like smells invading other spaces, you can install sliding glass doors to close during cooking.

And when you finish preparing the food, you open the doors for the open concept to reappear. Do not forget to integrate an extractor hood into your kitchen; this helps with odors and smoke.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen in this style is imposed. It will always be in view of whoever comes to the house.

2. Bathroom and dressing room

Yes, it is a wonderful and high-rise solution that will give you the feeling that your room is on another level. You walk out of the shower and into the dressing room. Imagine a well-appointed walk-in closet with mirrors, rugs, and beautiful design.

The best thing is not having to go from the bedroom to the dressing room. Although it seems silly, it makes a big difference; especially if you have a partner.

You and your partner may have different schedules, so it is convenient that they do not disturb their sleep. This way, it will save you from having to turn on the bedroom light while you get ready for work.

3. Integrate bedroom, bathroom and dressing room?

It may be a long shot if you share the room with other people. Many of us like privacy while we resolve issues in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, There are materials that allow you to go to the bathroom with peace of mind. For example, windows that fog up when you enter the area.

Everything will depend on what you are looking for and the budget you have. It is very important that you do not forget to have odor extractors in place.

Factors you should consider in an “open concept” style

Keep in mind that it’s not just about shaping; There are also some basic measures that must be taken care of so that the remodeling project does not end in disaster:

  • It is advisable to hire an expert on the subject. Keep in mind that beyond aesthetics, there are other points to consider, such as differences in height, electrical wiring, clean and sewage pipes, lighting arrangement.
  • You will have to maintain order and cleanliness. Your visitors will have visual access to the kitchen area, since there will be no walls or doors to separate.
  • Opt for a dressing room with doors and not opensince maintaining order is always an inconvenience.
  • Try to keep your furniture and accessories in good shapeto make a good impression on your visitors.

Despite the fact that “open concept” decoration usually requires a significant investment, he considers that the property will be gaining value.

Remodeling of this style is slow. Do not rush and plan well everything you want in advance.

The “open concept” gives you the feeling of freedom

The open concept is considered by some people as a feeling of freedom. Perhaps this is due to the possibility that there are not so many divisions, as in a traditional house.

What do you think? You just have to remember that before restoring your home in this style, the ideal is to consult an expert first, since you could do things that compromise the structure.

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