Open concept bedrooms: what are they and what are their advantages

The “open concept” bedroom is ideal for small homes. Find out what you need to know to apply it at home safely and with style.

Last update: 03 October, 2022

have you heard of the open concept? Perhaps not by that name, but you will have seen it in some homes, in living rooms and kitchens. Even in some bedrooms that have materialized the trend. What is it about and what are its benefits? It consists of opening spaces and unifying rooms.

It is generally used to integrate the living room with the kitchen, eliminating the walls that separate them. Today you can make your bedroom a unique and integrated place, for example, if you knock down the walls of the adjoining bathroom, or the bedroom and the dressing room.

“Open concept” bedrooms: advantages and disadvantages

If your house is cozy, joining its areas will make it look more spacious and you will even gain a few centimeters of traffic. But keep in mind that there are those who opt for this concept for reasons of aesthetics and not space. Both reasons are valid.

It is common for kitchens to be the favorites to establish an open concept. In any case, there are other spaces in the house that benefit from the trend.

Advantages of having bedrooms open concept

Here are some advantages of decorating your bedroom with an open concept:

  • You create a feeling of spaciousness, as well as greater air circulation. If it is difficult for you to maintain order, you should leave the doors to the dressing room.
  • If you live alone or as a couple and have no problem sharing intimacy, you may find it useful to unite the dressing room with the bedroom or even the bathroom, if the place has enough ventilation. For the latter, the installation of curtains or sliding doors is recommended.
  • The opening of spaces is a predominant trend in the world of design, which is why can revalue the property.
  • When it comes to installing a bedroom, the open model turns out to be cheaper than partitioning.

Disadvantages of having bedrooms open concept

And what’s not so great about bedrooms? open concept? So check the following list:

  • It’s not about knocking down some walls. It is certain that you will have to adapt the lighting, the plugs, the light switches and so on. Also the sewage pipes or the drain. If it is the case, the heating.
  • Perhaps the moldings and the floor should also be adapted to the new concept. On some occasions, these have levels and sloppiness.
  • Noise can be amplified more easily if you don’t do a good job. You may also have an excess of light to fall asleep.

Some tips to keep in mind

In addition to the above, there are some tips that can be useful to apply this style of decoration in your home:

  • You can make a low wall to separate the bidet and the toilet. That is, do not go from the ceiling to the floor. With this, you will not break the open concept, but you will create a feeling of intimacy.
  • Take care of the decoration. Try to opt for one that does not generate noise. Perhaps, making yourself some beautiful containers to store objects that you are not using at the moment is a solution.
  • Opt for light colors. A Nordic style will work well for you.
  • After knocking down the walls, take care of the results, maintaining order and cleanliness.
  • Consult an expert before knocking down any walls. This will save you headaches.
The walls perform structural functions. Knocking down one requires a thorough prior study.

Be careful what you knock down!

Playing architect may be exciting. Remove some walls here and there, remove a couple of columns that seem to get in the way. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a wall can have electrical frames. Also, knocking down pillars or beams can be detrimental to the foundation of the home.

In that sense, the most convenient before carrying out any structuring, is that you consult an expert in the area. Keep it in mind!

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