One of the main rivals of the ThermoMix, on sale on Amazon for 270 euros, it is a perfect gift

Last update: December 15, 2021

Many times we eat badly and quickly because we do not have time to make food, so we open the refrigerator and take the first thing we see, and that is not always the best and less if we do it daily. The problem we have is that some meals take a long time to cook and we don’t have time to prepare them. But today there are many things that help us cook and make very healthy recipes. For example, this Moulinex kitchen robot that costs 260 euros on Amazon.

How many times have we heard someone say that they are delighted with their food processor because it makes meals super fast. And they are absolutely right with these devices making food has never been so easy, since we only have to put the ingredients and choose the speed and temperature at which we want it to go.

Get this Moulinex kitchen robot for 260 euros on Amazon

It is a kitchen robot quite compact but still has enough capacity to cook for 4 people as it has 3.6 liters.

If you usually work at home in the mornings and you have to make food for the whole family, this robot will come in handy since you can program it. You set the timer and you will continue working, you don’t have to watch it, This way you save a lot of time and dedicate it to something else. Time is no longer an excuse to eat better.

Get this Moulinex kitchen robot for 260 euros on Amazon

It has 5 automatic programs so that when you select it, set the temperature and speed automatically. What’s more has 32 functions like chopping, grinding, sautéing, kneading … So we can make any dish we imagine.

Has a scale to weigh from 1 gram to 5 kilos. It’s out of the bowl so you can correct if you overshoot.

We can put all the accessories that come inside the robot itself and that way it won’t take up as much space. Too we can put it in the dishwasher, so it is very easy to clean it.

Comes with a cookbook with 200 recipes so you can try to make them and so your food varies a bit.

To eat better, This kitchen robot will come in handy for you. It costs 260 euros on Amazon.

Get this Moulinex kitchen robot for 260 euros on Amazon

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