October 19: World Breast Cancer Day

He October 19 It takes place World Breast Cancer Day, A very important day in which efforts together to raise awareness of this terrible disease. The associations have an important role both research and support to patients and victims of cancer. And that is why, the purchase of solidarity gifts that allocate their benefits in full to the cause, will always be a very good way to help.


Besides the Spanish Association against CancerThere are more platforms that help patients and their familias.Durante 17, 18 and 19 October Synergy Clubs International Next to the L. Club Foundation Gijón and "House of Life" Bruno Salvadori Gijon a project that gives ppsychological and emotional help to cancer patients and their families, and that, during these dates, will expand its sights to the national territory. During this week against CACER the Synergy Clubs will be released and will organize dissemination events where researchers from different branches of the country and ordinary people will unite to bring awareness of the importance of this disease and TALK the future of this, with the use of the new artificial intelligence techniques that are being implemented.

You can get more information on social clubs and networks that perform various activities to mark this day.

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