Obesity, excess hair and irregular rules: an indecent relationship

"I did not have the rule in 3 months; then, I returned to have it for 2 months and, again, I stopped having it for several more months, "Marisa, a 39-year-old from Bilbao, tells me. "At the same time, I noticed more and more body hair and saw how my acne worsened. In the end, I decided to consult a gynecologist. After several tests, he explained that he had Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a disorder that leads to high levels of testosterone (the 'male hormone' par excellence, but we also have women in small quantities) and which can even cause infertility. What struck me most was the treatment. TheIn addition to the medications, he told me that I had to lose weight and avoid sugars and refined carbohydrates ", Add.

¿Why these recommendations?, you will be wondering. The answer has it insulin resistance, much more likely if the diet is rich in sugars, starches and refined flours, and that favors obesity. The proof? Many girls with PCOS are obese. Furthermore, that same resistance to insulin is related to the high levels of testosterone typical of PCOS. "Mis high levels of testosterone they explained my excess body hair, my problems of acne and, even, my hoarsely", Says Marisa.

Science has clearly seen it: reducing the consumption of sugars and refined flours helps treat the SOP. Specifically, a 6-month study of 11 affected girls, all of them overweight, proved how a ketogenic diet (extremely low in carbohydrates) made them lose an average of 12 percent of their weight (8.4 kilos for 70 kilos!) and how their fasting insulin levels fell by half and hormones improved dramatically. Even two women in the study who suffered from infertility became pregnant!

Diets based on these 'friends' foods can help prevent excess weight associated with SOP :
1) All vegetables: spinach, arugula, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Swiss chard, kale, tomatoes, peppers, chives …

two) Lean meats of birds, rabbit, hare, bovine, pig …

3) Fish and seafood.

4) Eggs.

5) Forest fruits and nuts (with moderation).

7) Virgin olive oil.

Instead, you have to avoid: ultra-processed snacks (rich in flours and added sugars), white bread, cookies, pastries, cakes, ice cream, batters, sugary drinks (including industrial juices), alcohol …

Did you know…

PCOS is the most common hormonal disorder among women. It involves irregular rules, polycystic ovaries, hirsutism (excess hair) and high risk of infertility, insulin resistance, obesity and altered levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. It is estimated that it affects 3% -10% of women.

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