Obesity, consumer trends and recommendations

Obesity remains one of the most recurrent problems in the population worldwide and requires immediate attention. Therefore, experts continue to emphasize the importance of learning to buy and eat. Yes, buy, since It is at the time of purchase where more mistakes are usually made.

The scientific disseminators have given to the work of teaching the public how to read the labels of supermarket products, how to determine if a food is nutritious and which only provides empty calories, among other aspects. All with the aim of helping people to make a good purchase and, later, a more healthy preparation of dishes.

It's not just a matter of fats

Adopting and maintaining healthy life habits is a very common statement and, unfortunately, is not usually assessed as it should be. This is because the invitation is associated and reduced to the simple fact of following a restrictive diet, with bland foods, for a short period of time, without more.

However, the truth is that to be healthy is not necessary to go hungry, give up the good taste or undergo an intense physical activity every day. Is about Learn to be aware of what is best for the body. It is not just about stopping eating to show off a slender body.

Often, people focus on eliminating trans fats from their lives, without taking into account that there are other ingredients that harm the health and sabotage any food plan and not only those aimed at weight loss.

Salt and sugar are two substances that are very present in all kinds of processed products (and even in those that are disguised as »healthy foods»); and in conjunction with stabilizers, dyes, preservatives and flavorings, these products become the worst options for which you can choose both when preparing meals and when eating.

Both substances are as harmful as trans fats because they improve the taste of processed products and They encourage the body to consume them to a greater extent. In this way, it is difficult not to give in to the impulse to eat more than what is needed.

Unlike what is usually believed, depriving yourself of sugars and carbohydrates does not mean having good eating habits.

Buy well to eat well

Not only bakery products and sweets contain trans fats and substances harmful to health, but also fruit yoghurts (artificial), frozen vegetables, Nuggets And a long etcetera. Yes, empty calories can be hidden anywhere.

The vast majority of people do not know exactly what they are buying when they walk around the supermarket shelves. They trust what the large letters in the package indicate and do not read the labels.

For example, frozen vegetables are often bought because they are considered healthy products. However, they contain a high percentage of salt, sugar, fats and other additives that do not benefit the organism and that can lead to obesity, among other diseases.

When choosing foods in the supermarket, the experts in health and nutrition recommend the following:

  • It is always convenient to read the labels to check if the product has salt, sugar and other additives.
  • Fresh and organic foods are those that have a true nutritional value. Thus, a broccoli in a grocery store, which is not packaged or packaged, will be a nutritious and highly recommended food.
  • The packaging and packaging are disguises for the vast majority of foodstuffs without a true nutritional contribution.
  • If a food has a large number of additions, its intrinsic value will have decreased or disappeared (as in the case of frozen vegetables).
  • The more durability a product has, the more processed it will be and therefore, the lower the nutritional value it will have.
  • Follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization in terms of daily consumption of salt and sugar.

According to the experts' criteria, if a good purchase is made, then it will be much easier to combine and dispose of the food in a healthy way. Of course, the next step includes learning to make healthy preparations and moderate portions.

Complementary aids against obesity

While the above tips are great complementary aids, to combat obesity and take control of what you eat It is essential to adopt consistent eating habits progressively. For this, it is best to consult with the doctor and follow his instructions.

On the other hand, there are products that can support the process of weight loss and appetite control; such as ObesiBloc and ObesiControl, developed by Bio3. Both are clinically tested, help to promote weight loss and they can be obtained both in pharmacies and in bio3.es.

  • ObesiBloc helps block the absorption of fats from food and, therefore, reduce the number of calories.
  • ObesiControl helps promote satiety and reduce appetite.

Both supplements can help significantly improve eating habits and facilitate their maintenance over time, thus achieving weight loss. However, it must always be taken into account that it is necessary to follow the doctor's guidelines and Develop a coherent strategy to obtain the desired results.

Obviously, the first step to both prevent and combat obesity effectively is to learn how to make a good purchase.