Obesity causes more cancer cases than tobacco (and is on the rise)

Cancer Research UK, an NGO that researches and brings awareness of cancer in the UK, has published a report according to which there are more types of cancers caused by obesity than by smoking tobacco. In particular, the research refers to four types of cancer: bowel, kidney, ovary and liver. However, his new campaign to warn of the dangers of overweight has been strongly criticized.

These are packets of cigarettes but labeled with a message: "Obesity is also a cause of cancer" In addition, they carry another text in which you can read that "Like smoking, obesity puts millions of adults at serious risk of cancer." In social networks there are many people who support the campaign, while others believe that it is pointing fingers to those who are overweight.

The figures shown by the BBC do not deceive. They compare the number of cancer cases in the United Kingdom and how they have been caused:

  • Bowel cancer: there are 42,000 new cases a year: obesity causes 4,800 and tobacco, 2,900.
  • Kidney cancer: there are 12,900 new cases: obesity causes 2,900 and smoking, 1,600.
  • Liver cancer: there are 5,900 new cases: obesity causes 1,300 and smoking, 1,200.
  • Ovarian cancer: there are 7,500 new cases: obesity causes 490 cases and smoking, 25.

Reducible figures

The NGO does not want to blame people who are obese but suggests that they are figures that can be reduced. In fact, Obesity is the biggest cause of preventable cancer and, while the numbers of smokers do not do more than descend in the United Kingdom, those of obese people follow the opposite way: every time there is more.

A fifth of the British suffer from obesity. Of its 66 million inhabitants, more than 13 have weight problems and from the NGO they influence studies that have already shown in the past the relationship between obesity and cancer: fat cells produce more hormones than normal that cause the cells of the body to divide more frequently, which increases the possibility of that more cancer cells are created.

Being overweight is not synonymous with cancer, but it is increase the risk. Cancer Research UK explains that there are 13 types of cancer related to obesity: breast, intestine, pancreas, esophagus, liver, kidney, gallbladder, uterus, ovaries, myeloma thyroid, meningioma and • upper part of the stomach.

There are 13 types of cancer related to obesity: overweight is not synonymous with cancer, but to increase the risk

Dr. Linda Bauld, expert in prevention of this NGO, is blunt: "We are very aware of the health risks associated with smoking, but Less effort has been made to deal with obesity, which is now an important cause of cancer. "They believe that starting by raising children's awareness of the problem of being overweight is the beginning.