Nutritionist's tricks to maintain weight at Christmas

Christmas meals, meetings with friends, business dinners, family meals, those rods with friends … They are a real minefield loaded with calories that can lead to symptoms such as burning, upset stomach, swelling … and the typical kilos of more Christmas. If you want to enjoy the holidays as they deserve but without being paid, take note of these expert tricks. Let nothing bitter you the holidays!


The entree trap

If you arrive at the table hungry we are sure that you will end up attacking the incoming pecking before everyone sits at the table. Make sure you don't get so hungry and before you go for lunch or dinner take an apple or some nutsAlso, drinking a glass of water increases the feeling of fullness by providing zero calories.

Although the table is usually full of starters such as canapés, sauces, bread and caloric elaborations, do not fall into temptation! at least not too much, and focus on starters such as steamed prawns, mussels, oysters or various seafood, better if they can be accompanied by a splash of lemon or a vinaigrette so as not to spend calories with mayonnaise and that they are steamed, grilled or baked, nothing fried and battered.


The piglet and the lamb are very traditional dishes at Christmas but they are also the most caloric. As the main dish, the ideal would be to opt for a baked fish that provides few calories and “they are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, but they are also an important source of omega-3,” says Laura Gallardos, nutritionist and dietitian at the Barceló Montecastillo hotel. Another option would be to opt for chicken or turkey that are low-fat proteins and rich in vitamins and minerals.


Limit sweets and alcohol

Dr. Perricone, famous celebrity nutritionist, warns of the danger posed by the sugar and alcohol binomial. Mixing these two ingredients, in addition to making you gain weight, swell your gut and install kilos on your hips quickly, also accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Perricone recommends adding protective superfoods such as antioxidant turmeric, strawberries that will protect the stomach and artichoke that is diuretic and liver protective. He also advises not to combine foods with a high glycemic index, so you know, if you are going to eat Christmas sweets for dessert, do not go with bread or potatoes during the meal.


Laura Gallardos explains that “taking a piece of nougat is not going to make you lose everything you've worked during the year, but whenever you can substitute these sweets for another healthier option such as fruit. You can make fruit skewers dipped in pure chocolate accompanied by nuts such as almonds or the nuts to take away your craving for candy. ”

Other light dessert options are fresh fruit, dates, nuts or raisins but You can also give a more festive touch to your healthy dessert including an option like roasted apple with cinnamon and a touch of honey or baked pears with pure chocolate without sugar. You can even make your own fitness nougat!

As for alcohol, the ideal would be not to mix different types and opt for only one and in moderation. Dr. Mar Mira de Mira + Cueto recommends "avoid liquors that are very caloric and require a lot of liver detoxification work. Instead choose a good aging red wine, without exceeding a glass and a half. It has a lower sugar content than other alcohols and is rich in polyphenols, a potent antioxidant. ”


If you finish your lunch or dinner with an infusion of mint or a cleanser you will favor digestion and avoid stomach discomfort derived from excess food and drink that your body does not usually eat.

And the days not indicated …

The days between celebration and celebration do not abandon yourself and compensate your diet so that the excesses do not take your toll. Prioritize drinking a lot of water, infusions that fight the retention of liquids such as horsetail and opt for simple elaborations giving priority to vegetables, fish and white meat.


Leticia Carrera, technical director of the center Felicidad Carrera and Master in nutrition, recommends taking a lot of vegetables the rest of the days not indicated in the calendar. “They are ideal as a first course of food, baked, grilled, steamed or in salad. As a dessert I recommend taking papaya that facilitates digestion and also has excellent properties. ”The dinners that Carrera recommends for these days are light but with great nutritional value. Your ideal dinner would be a consommé and a main course of protein, a tip that you should copy because this way you can easily control the weight and compensate for the excesses of the Christmas eaters.

Those days too We recommend you continue your activity and your exercise routine as much as possible, in addition to maintaining your meal and rest schedules. In this way it will be much easier for you to open the new year without having the intention to go on a diet because you will not need it. And if you don't do the test.

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