Nutricosmetic makeup: ancestral knowledge connected with today

By Douglaines Marcano and Diana Marcano, from Narú Nutricosmética

Since the beginning of humanity, people in different latitudes have tried to connect with the resources of their environment to decorate their bodies. For functional and utilitarian purposes, they have used these products for skin care as well as to highlight social customs.

We find examples in different communities. It is known that in South America some ethnic groups use pigments made from fruits and seeds. An example is the onoto, also known as achiote, urucúm; paprika, cocoa, coffee, maqui, huito, airampo, turmeric, among others. The use of charcoal, clays and more ingredients of natural origin includes a wide range of native elements that allow the creation of colorimetric alchemy.

In Egypt, trunks with balms and makeup implements have been found in the graves. The thick black outline around the eyes that characterizes this culture is known to have been made with a mixture of butters and charcoal.

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Tribes inhabitants of the African continent use a mixture of oils, clays and copper fibers throughout their bodies, including their hair. With these preparations they decorate and also protect your skin from the sun.

In many ancient cultures, the moments of makeup are lived as a personal meeting space, a ritual of care and self-love, where the temple that is our body is honored. Makeup continues and will continue to be a multifunctional tool wherever you are. You can create it yourself, claiming ancestral knowledge connected with our current affairs.

Taking care of our body and environment

The use of natural and noble materials for the preparations of our products for daily use promotes an ecological, sustainable and health contribution to life. Nutricosmetics are designed to protect and care for the skin. They provide from the outside active ingredients of plants, fruits, vegetables, butters, waxes and more natural elements.

Photo: Gerardo Lazari. Courtesy of Narú Nutricosmética.

There is a parallelism between food and nutricosmetics. Through both, the body receives the nutritive substances, which constitute the pillars of it. Therefore, just as it is important to know the foods that we ingest orally, it is also important to know the active ingredients that the products that we use on our skin contain.

Create your own natural makeup

The creation of your daily food-based products has a highly positive impact on the care of the planet. Learn everything you need to make these products in the Narú Nutricosmetic online course. You can find it in the Bioguide Courses section.