Nuria Roca's diuretic soup to take care of ourselves during quarantine

According to experts, each Spanish will gain on average between 3 and 5 kg during the isolation period But if we follow a series of nutritional guidelines and carry out the necessary daily physical activity, we will surely reduce those figures.

With the #quedateencasa movement there are many celebrities, influencers and public figures who are sharing on their social networks what they spend part of their time during this obligatory 'confinement': doing physical activity, yoga, crafts, painting, cooking healthy recipes … and it is that a good way to maintain our weight and our figure during these days are diuretic foods and meals. Something that Nuria Roca knows very well that during these days of "transitory madness", as she has defined it, she shared the recipe for a diuretic soup that she usually takes.

It is normal to feel bloated at all times, lack of movement and excessive pecking and eating (mostly due to boredom) can cause fluid retention. But there are certain foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and that can help us purify our body: artichoke, lemon, turmeric, pineapple …

The recipe shared by the presenter of your favorite diuretic soup may be a good option to help us in our goal of deflation.

The recipe

"For all of you who ask me about the recipe, it is a vegetable cream that is quite bad, not to say terrible, but is very diuretic if you take it at night …

– 1 cauliflower

– 6 peeled tomatoes

– 6 onions

– 2 large green peppers

– 1 or 2 celery sticks

– Water, a little salt, 15 ’in the pot or 40’ in the casserole and pass it through the mixer …

I leave it in the fridge for a few days and the one I have left over I freeze in small jars to always have on hand. You can make it with half the ingredients to try first because a lot of it comes out. Cristina Tárrega discovered it for me at the time and it works very well for me. "

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