Now you have an excuse: laying the bed when getting up could be bad for your health

For some people, laying the bed is one of the first things that is done in the day so that the house is ordered. It is also a way to take care of the place where later they will go back to bed, so that it does not get dirty. On the other hand, for those who are a little more disordered, accommodating the sheets is directly something insignificant or a waste of time.

But is it really that good to make the bed? According to a team of researchers at Kingston University, apparently not. In fact, it might not be advisable for our health. Why? If so they have taught us! Here we tell you.

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The reason lies in the Mites. They are so tiny that we do not see them, but they live in the humidity that we give off at night when sleeping.

Although mites are harmless, their fecal waste can generate allergies. They can be found, above all, in mattresses, pillows, tapestries, blankets and armchairs.Did you know that only the bed, on average, could hold up to 1.5 million mites?

So, if we awaken as soon as we get to bed, we do not allow the sheets to be ventilated and we leave a warm and humid environment propitious for the mites. Therefore, it is best to ventilate the room, shake the sheets and then lay the bed.

"Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and the mattress so that the mites dehydrate and eventually die," researcher Dr. Stephen Pretlove said.

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Do you tend the bed as soon as you get up? Would you be willing to change that habit?

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