Not only your cervicals suffer with teleworking: back, arm and wrist stretches that you need to do if you spend the day at the computer

At this point of teleworking many of us have already suffered from low back pain What other. But there is an effective remedy for back and neck pain that strikes those who spend more than eight hours a day typing: stretching. Perform these exercises several times throughout the workday It can make the annoying contractures and punctures disappear forever.

Wrist and finger stretches for teleworking

They are the great forgotten ones of teleworking, and that most of the improvised work tables at home do not take them into account, or can you assure that your home teleworking position has the ergonomics you need to properly support your wrists? But not only typing comes all the problems of hands, wrists and fingers, in addition, using the mouse for hours is also a tough test for them.

For stretch the muscles of the hands, wrists and fingers (and save annoying future cramps and carpal tunnel problems), bring your palms together so that your fingers are pointing toward the ceiling. Then, raise your elbows, keeping your palms together and exerting light pressure between them. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then move to stretch the fingers of one hand holding them with those of the other and gently pressing them back. Repeat this exercise several times throughout the workday.

Shoulder stretch for teleworking

Keeping your eyes fixed on a screen, especially if it is from a laptop and it is not at the correct height, places a great accumulation of tension on the shoulders and neck. To decongest them, stretch them several times throughout the day by raising them up while taking in air and lowering them gently while releasing it. Repeat this movement at least three times, until you feel the relaxed area.


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Back stretch for teleworking

Every 50 minutes of work try to give your spine and back a break by doing something as simple as this: separate the chair in which you are sitting from the work table, lean forward and drop your torso towards the ground so your hands can touch your ankles. Take a breath, get up again and when you expel the air, it descends again. Repeat three times to unlock and stretch your spine.

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