Not all types of sugar are the same

Cakes, pastries, cookies, juices, soft drinks, ultra-processed foods, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. All this leads sugar And forgetting it is more difficult than some propose. We have been told that the excessive consumption of this ingredient It is harmful to our health and science confirms it, but do different types of sugar affect our health in the same way?

Let's start at the beginning intrinsic sugars They are those that are present in fresh and unprocessed foods.

The free sugars they are the ones that make the difference between the sugar of the whole fruit and its juice. When it is whole in addition to sugar, we ingest other nutrients with it, such as fiber. However, in the juice those sugars are "free." And as the juice has a high energy density and under satiating power then you consume more sugar than if you ate the whole piece.

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Finally, we find the added sugars which are the ones that are added to food during preparation. The problem with this type of sugar is that it is hidden in a large part of the groceries when making the purchase, that is, in all the ultra-processed ones. In them sugar is mixed with other ingredients and many times the consumer does not know how much he is consuming.

Do youWhy it is important not to abuse added sugars? They provide a large number of calories but a poor nutritional content, usually less satiating, so they will make us consume more. In addition, there are studies that relate this type of sugars to chronic diseases and obesity.

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