Not all hydroalcoholic gels are the same: these are the keys to choosing the most effective disinfectant gel against coronavirus

We have gone from not knowing about its existence to always carrying it in our bag. The hydroalcoholic gel is our lifeline to protect ourselves from the coronavirus when we leave the house with the mask and social distance. At the beginning of summer we were struck by doubts about whether we could use it on the beach or in the sun, but now a message from the Collegiate Nursing Organization It alerts us to another problem: not all gels sold as disinfectants do their job. What do we have to look for in our hydroalcoholic gel so that it is effective against the coronavirus?

How to choose the best hydroalcoholic gel against coronavirus

The Collegiate Nursing Organization has carried out a campaign with infographics included so that nobody gets confused and ends up carrying a gel that, in reality, is useless. As a guideline measure, run away from gels that smell too good… They usually don't have the alcohol concentration you need to kill the virus.

The disinfectant gel that you carry in your bag must have 70% alcohol in its composition

And what is that concentration? Below 60% alcohol is not effective against viruses and bacteria and above 70% (there are some gels that have up to 90%) alcohol evaporates too quickly and it doesn't stay on the skin long enough to kill germs. Therefore you have to look for hydroalcoholic gels that have 70% alcohol in their composition. But it is not the only thing you should check on the label.

The figures and numbers that you should look for that are reflected in that label are UNE EN 14476. These acronyms and numbers indicate that the gel has been reviewed and has passed the controls that guarantee that the product is effective against viruses and coronaviruses. There are other regulations for disinfectant and sanitizing gels, but this is the one that indicates that your gel will protect you from the coronavirus.

When and how to use disinfectant gel to protect yourself from coronavirus

The right time to use the gel is whenever you are away from home and do not have access to soap or water. It is especially important to use it often if you are in a meeting in which you meet people with whom you do not live. You should also use it when you touch a surface that may be contaminated (such as a restaurant bathroom door, for example).


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When applying it, you must take into account that it takes time to act, so after applying it and rubbing your hands in the proper way (as you do when you wash them with soap and water) you must wait for it to evaporate completely before touching anything for it to have its effect. Also, keep in mind that they have alcohol, so do not put yourself near a fire while you put it on, spread it or it has not evaporated yet and prevent it from coming into contact with wounds or mucous membranes.

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