No, the ultraprocessed ones will not make you feel happier: and we know why

One of the best-selling products (sorry for the toilet paper) during quarantine is chocolate. Now that the 'bunker' purchase from the beginning of the quarantine is over, the population is investing in Gourmet products' to satisfy, at least, the whims that the palate demands for the duration of the confinement. The 'comfort food' or what we understand as cmida garbage, is becoming an escape route to stress and moments of stress due to the situation of uncertainty that we are going through. The truth is that yes a bag of potato chips, produces a feeling of happiness and instant well-being, but after a few hours you will be hungry again.

And it is that ultraprocessed, full of sugars and insane ingredients, have that effect: full of empty calories and zero nutrientsDue to their chemical composition they generate a "calm state" when we consume them. The happiness of eating an ultra-processed ice cream is momentary, but the consequences if it is a habit, very difficult to combat in the long term, since they lead to major health problems.

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What solution is there then for cravings?

The Nutritionist Carlos Rios He has taken over the nets to help his followers fight quarantine without falling into the temptation of refined sugar and ultra-processed fats. As he publishes on his Instagram account, there are several tips that we can carry out to continue eating well, just as we did before confinement, "If you want to quit tobacco, the worst thing you can do is keep it close, because with ultraprocessed the same. If it is not up to you, at least have your pantry in a different place than the rest of the house, "he says.

And he continues, "Cook the food and eat it at lunchtime. In good quantity to satisfy you. I have even reduced the purchase of healthy snacks to avoid temptations. However, it is always better to spend eating fruit than buns, obviously. go ahead as you please. Visualize that you can wait to eat the next meal. " That is, if you see the craving coming it will be easier for you not to be surprised. And above all, "in main meals eat well, do not go hungry, put plenty of vegetables, water, foods with more protein content such as eggs, fish, also fiber such as legumes. Enjoy, cook and make your dishes appetizing and healthy. Drink more water, often it is not hunger, it is thirsty. Drink two glasses of water before falling into craving, "he concludes.

On the account of nutrition and healthy eating, @ Futurlife21 they explain it in a single infographic. And they add something very obvious if we refer to the dishes, "If you do not enjoy what you eat, your week will revolve around the time that you can eat something" that you like "that is why it is so important to eat delicious food". And they also recommend not depriving yourself, "Not starving is key. If you eat very healthy but you are hungry all the time, you may binge. Choose healthy but in quantities that fill you 80% after eating, that you feel good So you can keep the habit in the long run, "one of the most important (and difficult to follow) maxims in the long term.

Now comes the million dollar question, is it hunger or craving? Drink two glasses of water and … find out!

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