Night anxiety: what are its causes and how can it be overcome

Because the sun has set the mind does not have a moment to relax, and it is not possible to sleep, means that the anxiety has gone to a serious stage. And so much so, that it greatly influences the activities that are carried out daily. The jumps in the stress levels suffered by a person in the day become the main reason for the night anxiety. Whether this stress is due to family, work, or even for no apparent reason. Hence, the importance of knowing what its causes are and how it is overcome.

The main characteristic of this type of anxiety is the constant worries, like nervousness, that prevent people from having their moment of rest at night. An important factor to keep in mind is that each person experiences anxiety in a different way and for various reasons. There are those who feel more anxiety in the morning, during the day, and in some cases it occurs at night.

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Night anxiety: what does it consist of?

It is known to night anxiety as a condition, where people experience restlessness, worry, shock, or constant nervousness. Due to this, it is understood as a kind of anxiety that appears, or even worsens moments before sleep, disabling those who suffer from this problem, to be relaxed and to have a good rest. Which is necessary to recover the energy that has been expended during the day.

Suffer from night anxiety it is among the most common manifestations, in those who suffer from some kind of sleep-related disorder. Constant fear takes hold of the affected person, and the dream will have to begin again. This process is constantly repeated, making it very difficult for sleep to reach its deepest phase.

In general, those who suffer from this nocturnal discomfort, usually become too distracted people, and with serious problems to concentrate during the day. This is because nocturnal anxiety attacks do not allow a good rest, seriously affecting the daily routine of those who suffer from this discomfort.

With respect to dream, the quality will always be better than the quantity. By focusing on thoughts of not being able to sleep, instead of relaxing, it will be difficult to fall asleep. So it is important to wait until you feel sleepy, understanding that it will naturally catch up with the mind. Being thus a totally natural process, and sleep is not anticipated unnecessarily.

Causes of nighttime anxiety

There is no schedule for anxiety to manifest itself, and that's when anxiety night anxiety makes its appearance. Despite the fact that theoretically, these are the hours when the body and mind tend to be more relaxed, anxiety disorders have different forms of manifesting themselves, making it very difficult to make a classification, which allows identifying what their causes are . Certain people are in constant agitation, and others may even become paralyzed with anxiety.

In accordance with this, the charges that allow a diagnosis of night anxietyThey are quite spacious and vary depending on the person. However, there are certain issues that could be taken as the reasons why this problem appears. In the vast majority of cases, the causes of this type of anxiety are:

Stress episodes

During daytime activities, a large number of people suffer anxiety, due to different events that take place during the day, in any of the areas, be it family, work, among others. If these events occur too frequently, or are excessively intense, repetitive thoughts of the situations arise; it means that these problems will be constantly thought about, regardless of whether they have ceased.

Less distractions at night than in the day

When the mind is constantly working on all tasks, there is no time to think about something negative. And the negative things are what generate worries, and therefore also anxiety. When it is time to go to sleep, these distractions are not present. Instant in which night anxiety could appear.

Anticipated or imaginary worries

In certain cases, people think of probable consequences or events that could be experienced in the future. Even though they have nothing to do with the current situation. Leading the mind to think without rest, and as a consequence anxiety is generated.

Associate some events with the nights

There is an active component when it comes to anxiety. Because sometimes it usually manifests itself, when something is associated with feeling bad, or an event that possibly happens. An example of this would be to associate some events or feelings with the nights. Arguments at night, that the children do not sleep or that some pain occurs, is a factor to suffer anxiety; since even if these situations do not occur, the affected person will be waiting for them.

Physical responses

At night, there are those who suffer great discomfort, as well as pain in some part of the body, which combined with the absence of distractions (which normally distract the mind), cause more anxiety and even insomnia.

Symptoms that occur in nighttime anxiety

Among the most frequent symptoms that occur in a person who suffers night anxiety they find each other:

– Tachycardia, sometimes also accompanied by arrhythmias.

– Tremors, which in certain cases are manifested together with tremors.

– Fatigue.

– Excessive feeling of cold or heat in the body.

– Numbness of some parts of the body.

– Nausea.

– Pain in the muscles.

– Dizziness, which may be accompanied by dizziness.

– Discomfort, feeling of pressure, or even pain in the chest. In some cases a sensation of respiratory distress is experienced.

– Excessive sweating.

How do you overcome nighttime anxiety?

It is quite common in those who suffer from this kind of alterations, to turn to drugs or substances, to be calm. However, there are few times that you are aware of a night anxiety. It is advisable to make a change in habits and follow certain guidelines.

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Identify the problem

As mentioned, there are many factors that cause anxiety at night. But the most important thing is knowing how to identify what is causing that anxiety. Whether it's night training, worries, overwork, among other things.

Bearing in mind the possible causes of anxiety, they will be very useful in trying to solve the problem. For example, if a night training is inconvenient, it would be better to train at another time.

Seek help from a specialist

Most of the time, people don't realize they have night anxiety or It can also happen, that doing something to fix it does not get an improvement. If something like this happens, it will be better to seek the help of a psychologist. Going to a psychotherapist is the best option to solve this problem. In this way, the health of those who have been affected will improve, and their emotional balance will be restored.


Having a good routine of physical activity is important when there is an anxiety problem. Exercise not only offers physical benefits, they are also on a psychological level. Science has been able to show that practicing sports greatly improves mood. But not only that, it also helps release endorphin and serotonin, which are feel-good neurochemicals.

Likewise, regular physical activity reduces stress, as cortisol levels in the body are reduced. And when feeling tired, the person can fall asleep more easily.

Avoid overexertion

While training helps decrease night anxietyRemember not to train at night. This is because the nervous system will be very active, and the effects would be totally opposite.

In the same way, it will be necessary to avoid overexertion, also known as staleness, which is very different from physical overexertion. Where the person trains excessively and does not have a good rest. Generating a serious instability in mental health.

Eat properly

A correct diet is also of great importance when it comes to overcoming anxiety at night. There is no doubt that living a healthy enough life helps to have excellent sleep habits. Playing an indispensable role when it comes to preventing insomnia.

It is important to be attentive to night eating. Since very heavy meals cause problems sleeping, and that leads to the appearance of night anxiety.

Caution against stimulants

Not everyone is affected in the same way by the use of stimulants, as in the case of coffee or theobromine. It is better to avoid the consumption of products that contain this class of substances, especially after 6 in the afternoon. If this happens, it would be a problem when it comes to falling asleep, and disturbances in the nervous system also occur.

Log off

The common thing is that in people's schedules there is the constant use of technological equipment. Those who watch a movie at night will probably go to bed at dawn. Situations like these are not beneficial for sleep, and obviously cause nighttime anxiety.

Scientific studies have confirmed that the use of electronic equipment before going to sleep causes problems in falling asleep. They are effects that occur, since the lighting of all these equipments, keep the mind occupied.

Practice deep breaths

This is an exercise that helps focus attention specifically on breathing. Avoiding then that they appear, all those thoughts that generate nervousness. And therefore provoke night anxiety.

To perform a correct deep breathing as an exercise, the first thing to do is take a breath by filling the diaphragm. Attention should be focused on the movement of the air, both when entering and leaving.

Air is slowly released through the mouth. In inspiration, a positive phrase should be repeated mentally, such as: "Everything is fine." Along with this thought, you have to imagine a landscape, or think of any mental image that generates peace and calm. Do not induce sleep with thoughts related to this. You just have to focus on relaxing your body.

Use the bedroom especially to rest

Many experts have stated that the bedroom has to be used specifically for rest, and for intimate relationships. Therefore, if you want to sleep much better, it is advisable not to have your computer in the room. And this also happens with the television, since the effects are counterproductive, for all those people who sleep with this equipment on.

Likewise, you have to be careful with the space you use to sleep. The comfort in the pillows, a good temperature and other elements, help to improve the quality of sleep.

In conclusion

Suffer from night anxiety, it is something quite annoying and harmful. What's more, all those people who go through this discomfort, often experience terrible and constant suffering. Having a correct rest is the best tool to avoid making multiple mistakes during the day. The problems are reduced, as well as the worries, thus having a better rest at night.


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