Newborn baby was left in the bathroom trash can on a plane

A new case of child abandonment was registered at an airport. We tell you all the details of the outrageous story.

Last update: 25 January, 2022

Unfortunately, cases of child abandonment are still a reality. In addition, it is an evil that is registered in all sectors of the world.

One of these latest outrageous cases occurred in the midst of a New Year’s celebration. Well, after a flight, the crew of an airplane found a newborn baby dumped in the garbage of the bathroom of the means of transport.

Below we detail the details of this heartbreaking story.

The abandonment of the newborn

The situation was recorded at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam airport, located in Port Louis, Mauritius.. This, inside one of the planes of the Air Mauritius airline.

During that flight, a woman gave birth inside the bathroom without anyone noticing the event. But nevertheless, left the baby inside a garbage can.

The crew and passengers believed that the trip had ended without any inconvenience. Nevertheless, When workers began checking the plane to get it ready for a new flight, they located the newborn.

He was wrapped in a blanket and still had traces of blood on his body.. Therefore, the crew concluded that just a few moments ago it had arrived in the world.

Following this, they immediately contacted the authorities to indicate how to proceed. That way, after the on-scene inspection, an alert was issued throughout the airport.

The identification of the suspect

Thanks to the order to be aware of all the passengers who were moving inside the airport, A suspect was identified at one of the checkpoints. This corresponded to a 20-year-old girl from Madagascar.

As a result of this fact, she was taken to the place where the officers were and began to be interrogated. Nevertheless, Throughout the dialogue, the woman denied being to blame for abandoning the baby.

Because of this situation, the officers took her to the doctors linked to the entity. It was like that they determined that indeed the woman had recently given birth.

In view of this finding, the woman was left in the hands of medical personnel to provide her with the necessary postpartum care. Nevertheless, She was also told that she was being detained while the facts were clarified.

In the same way, the baby was taken to a nearby hospital for examination and detailed care. Also, to give him the love that all newborns deserve during their first moments of life.

Thus, the situation is still without a final decision. But nevertheless, If it is proven that the woman is guilty, the charges will be brought against her as soon as the professionals provide her with a medical discharge.

Final reflection

Currently, cases of abandonment are still very recurrent. Therefore, It is essential that people report in time when they witness one of these heartbreaking situations.

Likewise, it is necessary that the authority continues to tighten the penalties against people who commit this crime. Well, it is one of the most trusted mechanisms to defeat one of the most entrenched problems.

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