New strain of COVID-19 raises alarms in America

From Canada in the north to Argentina in the extreme south of America, several countries on the continent announced this Sunday (12/20/2020) the temporary ban on flights from the UK and in some cases the entry of passengers from that European nation, after the appearance of a new, more aggressive strain of covid-19.

This Sunday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his country will suspend the arrival of flights from the United Kingdom for 72 hours due to the appearance of the new variant of covid-19.

The ban will begin at 01:01 on Monday local time (06.01 CET) and was adopted after the Canadian government held a meeting of its Incident Response Group, a select group of cabinet ministers that was created in 2018 to respond to emergencies considered "a national crisis".

Trudeau himself announced on Twitter the Incident Response Group meeting and its decision. Trudeau also warned that passengers from the UK arriving in Canada on Sunday will be "subject to secondary and stricter control measures."

Although for now there is no evidence that the new variant detected in the UK is more lethal than previous ones, there are indications that it is more infectious, which triggered the alarms especially in Europe.

For its part, The Argentine government joined the countries that suspend flights to and from the United Kingdom as of this Monday, in a preventive way. "Based on the recommendations of the Health portfolio, it was decided to allow only the arrival of the flight scheduled for this Monday at 9:00 AM (12H00GMT) to the Ezeiza international airport," an official statement said.