New Details Revealed About COVID-19 Complications in Children

A study published in the American journal JAMA Pediatrics revealed new details about the respiratory complications that some children suffering from COVID-19 admitted to intensive care units throughout the United States may experience during the pandemic.

The study analyzed 48 cases from 14 hospitals between the end of March and the beginning of April, and details that two children died, 18 needed a ventilator and two of them remain with assisted breathing devices after more than a month, according to Dr. Lara. S. Shekerdemian, chief of critical care at Texas Children's Hospital and author of the study.

The study, which has been reported by The New York Times, reinforces the evidence that only a small percentage of children are seriously affected by the virus, although it confirms that some can get sick "devastatingly", especially if they have with previous illnesses.

In fact, the vast majority of patients, about 40, including those who died, had pre-existing medical conditions, and nearly half of those patients had complex developmental disorders, such as cerebral palsy or had undergone treatments such as tracheostomies or catheter probes. diet, as well as cancer or immunosuppressed systems due to organ transplants or immune conditions.

The investigation, however, has not addressed the mysterious coronavirus syndrome that health authorities have alerted in New York, where at least 73 cases of children who have suffered life-threatening inflammatory and heart problems have been reported.

Although these cases have been described as "rare," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stressed that evidence is being detected that COVID-19 is causing "serious illness" in children with symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease already a syndrome similar to "toxic shock".

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States, the country most affected by the virus, already exceeds 1.3 million confirmed cases, with almost 80,000 deaths. New York State remains the great epicenter of the pandemic, with 337,000 infections and more than 26,000 deaths. It is estimated that more than 19,000 people have died in New York City alone.

Source: EFE