Neither Zara Home, nor Primark, nor Ikea: the most beautiful side tables for an elegant living room are a bargain deco supermarket that costs less than 35 euros

Decoration, like life, gives us many (and pleasant) surprises, and the last one has been to discover Lidl’s home section. If a few days ago we found among their offers a practical folding table with which we would make our kitchen more versatile at the same time that it seemed larger, today we come across two auxiliary furniture ideal for a magazine lounge at a bargain price. Believe us, as it already happened to us with these Primark Home models and these others from Zara Home, this time we don’t need to wait for the Black Friday discounts because no one who visits your house will think that these special deco pieces are low cost. And we thought it was impossible to overcome the challenge of furnishing a complete room for less than 350 euros …

Auxiliary furniture is key in the decoration of any space and, without a doubt, one of the elements that turn a house into a home. Therefore, playing with them and exploiting all their possibilities is one of the best deco tricks that we can give you. It happens to us with the rugs, with the plants, with the tableware … And, in this case, we are not going to let these escape two design tables that we found at Lidl for 32.99 euros. Yes, as you read it, a real bargain!

With an elegant design, perfect for a special corner in the living room, dining room or hall, these mid century style side tables They will add a very sophisticated and trendy touch, since gold combined with glass (or marble) has become in its own right an essential in furniture and deco details with more style, providing a touch of glamor and opulence. perfect.

What do we like most about these extremely cheap tables from Lidl? On the one hand, its price (32.99 euros), of course, and on the other, the thousand and one deco options that they offer us. Capable of becoming the absolute protagonists of the space, we can complement them with simple decorations on top, with an auxiliary light point, with candles, with personal details such as photos or books … Or we can go a step further, and reverse the design: Instead of using them as a support, try placing a plant or a special lamp ‘inside’ the structure and you will see how the result is impressive and very original. In addition, by releasing the upper part, the space will look more open and, therefore, larger.

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