Neither Winners nor Defeated, the & # 039; spot & # 039; showing the reality of women with metastatic breast cancer

Metastatic breast cancer currently has no cure and is the leading cause of death for women between 35 and 50 years of age. “We are the other part of breast cancer, the one that dies. With current treatments, our half-life is five years. We believe this has to be known. Our hope and our future is in research "Fernández told the audience. Therefore, one of the mottos of this association is more research for more life.

These women, who live with this reality every day, demand that the public conversation take them into consideration, with empathy and sensitivity towards their condition: Are you a warrior only if you have managed to overcome cancer? That is the reality of women who have metastatic breast cancer and that reflects the Ni Vencedoras Ni Venzadas campaign, a project created by women to raise awareness in society. Only by knowing their reality and through empathy, will it be possible to support them and help them feel a little more free, perpetuating the use of an inclusive and inclusive language. Of all, for all.

The spot shows the main social pressures these women are subjected to in their daily lives, such as the use of war terms when talking about breast cancer – heroines, champions, warriors …-, exaggerated optimism, pressure to be well and look good, and in general, not being able to live your illness realistically.

All these exposed pressures are born from the direct testimony of women who suffer from the disease and have been materialized in two video pieces by professional women from the audiovisual world who have experienced breast cancer in the first person or through their closest relatives. The filmmaker and social activist Mabel Lozano and the journalist and scriptwriter specialized in Women's Rights, Paka Diaz, lead this team that has put all their souls into the goal of inspiring change.

"The more we visualize this disease, the more we will push to continue working on research, in addition to normalizing the word 'cancer' itself. It is important to do it so that it finally stops being a taboo ”, he says. Mabel Lozano, director and recently winner of the Goya for her latest documentary, Biography of the Corpse of a Woman.

“We know that our work, and that which is being done by oncology professionals in general to stop this disease, will not arrive in time to save the lives of many of us, but we trust that in the not too distant future all this effort will serve so that no one else has to go through this bad dream that we have had to live, ”adds Pilar Fernández.

The Ni Vencedoras Ni Vencidas project was born from the collaboration of three patient associations, CMM (Metastatic Breast Cancer Association), FECMA (Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer) and GEPAC (Spanish Group of Cancer Patients) together with Novartis Oncology with the willingness to put metastatic breast cancer in the spotlight and make society reflect.

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