Neither a ginger shot nor a green smoothie: this is Laura Escanes' super nutritious breakfast with few calories (which also works for the little ones)

He breakfast It is one of the topics of conversation that concern us most. It is the first meal of the day, the most important and if your notion of the Spanish proverb is enough, you will know that "breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dinner like a beggar" is almost a healthy commandment. Therefore, what to eat for breakfast, at what time and in what quantities is important. Y Laura Escanes It has given us an infallible idea to start the day on the right foot this weekend, (in addition to revealing, also this weekend, what is the shampoo you use for frizz).


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The idea is originally for his daughter Roma, but we liked it so much that we have copied it: it is about porridge with vegetable drink, sweetened with grated apple and some cinnamon. The breakfast of champions to avoid starving all morning that is not only suitable for adults, but also for the little ones.

And, when we talk about filling breakfasts, the oatmeal is the best alternative of all: it is very healthy (yes, Carlos Ríos approves it), very rich in fiber, regulates intestinal transit and eliminates constipation. But not only that, it also has B vitamins, which help us to have beautiful skin and hair. In addition, it contains Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant, makes essential amino acids and minerals enter the equation, such as potassium, which favors the elimination of liquids.

After publishing the photo, he explained: "On the porridge, so that they have this texture, what I do is put like two / three tablespoons of rolled oats, then oatmeal drink (just be water and oats, without sugar or added or anything) well, a little by eye, that it is not too liquid. If I see that it is missing later, then I put a little bit on it. Then I grate a little apple and that's it, "he told his followers.

Now we just have to try it … and give the truth, but it looks 10.

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