Naturopathy: The alternative medicine that you cannot miss

Few people know that the human body is capable of regeneration. However, this is achieved by knowing where the disease is coming from and by making a change in daily habits. An alternative medicine that you should definitely know is naturopathy. Which through natural procedures, manages to treat the conditions that afflict people.

Nature is the main source of medicine that human beings must have, but it has to be used while maintaining respect for it. Conventional medications may alleviate the symptoms of a disease, but they do not eliminate the toxicity in the body. And that's where the naturopathy concentrates most of its functions.

What is naturopathy all about?

It is a therapy that focuses on natural means, to prevent disease and restore health. Enhancing each of the capacities of the body to heal itself. The clearest example of regularity and balance is nature. And those qualities are necessary, so that people maintain both their physical and mental health.

Within naturopathy it is argued that there are no diseases but sick people. Due to this, the concern of the professionals who work in this area are people. Therefore, they ensure the recovery, balance and general well-being of the person.

The professional who is in charge of practicing naturopathy is known as a naturopath. Being this one alternative medicine which proposes to naturalize all means, and also the way in which human beings live. As the main objective of this natural medicine, is the mission of eliminating all kinds of foreign and harmful substances from the body. Providing substances that are healthier and more useful.

It means that naturopathy is making a change in the lifestyle that people lead and in their nutrition. To achieve this, multiple natural products, procedures and various techniques are used, in order to improve overall health.

What is naturopathy used for?

Through naturopathy, it is intended that the human body achieves, through natural means, a way of self-healing. Natural remedies are the main source of healing so that health remains in optimal conditions. Training the organism, so that it is capable of eliminating everything that hurts it by itself.

The purpose of using naturopathy is to bring the body into a state that is known as self-regulation, or also as homeostasis. Relying, as already mentioned, on finding a way to reach self-healing. A naturopath understands that having poor health is not about the body's natural way. But it is possible to avoid it if all natural means are available.

Pillars that make up naturopathy

There are three fundamental pillars that make up this alternative medicine:


Within naturopathy it is advisable to consume foods that are totally natural, and preferably organic. Therefore, the composition, manufacture, properties, preparation and cultivation must be of natural origin. Eating irregular and unbalanced nutrition generates nutrient deficiencies and problems that seriously affect health.

Detoxifying the body is the best way to fully regain health, since having an intoxicated body only falls on the accumulation of errors. Being correctly informed, following advice and educating yourself about good nutrition significantly improves health.


All those techniques where the use of the hands is kept as a base must be worked. At this point of naturopathy as alternative medicine, massages and any of its variations enter. Each of them is recommended for the relief of many problems. But they also help maintain fitness.


A constant work on the functions of the brain has to be carried out, as well as the elements that a person has to achieve an excellent state of health, through this alternative medicine. For example, applying relaxation, breathing or even positive thinking techniques. In this way, optimism can prevail in people's minds. As well as peace of mind, creativity and confidence will remain.

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What characteristics does naturopathy have?

– It does not represent any aggressiveness, therefore the body is able to accept the naturopathy without any problem.

– Use exclusively products of natural origin, thus avoiding those prepared with chemical substances.

– For the use of the alternative medicine in question, it is not necessary to carry out experiments with animals, nor does it generate pollution towards the environment.

– It has been used since ancient times, and because of that its effectiveness has been proven.

– It is very simple to apply and it responds at all times as the body accepts it.

– Once the general guidelines of naturopathy are known, they can be applied by the same person.

Types of naturopathy

The basis of the natural medicine is to use all the elements that nature offers, but there are various techniques that can be taken as types of naturopathy.


A naturopathy like this uses medicinal plants in any of their presentations, be it infusions, capsules, tinctures, plasters, among others. All with the aim of improving the health problems that are harming the person.


There are products such as essential oils, which are extracted directly from plants in a natural way and which offer very pleasant aromas. These oils come from the flowers, seeds, roots, fruits and bark of plants. It is a very effective therapy of excellent quality. Complementing perfectly other therapies that are developed in the alternative medicine.


They are therapeutic massages where the hands are used exclusively, without having to use technological devices. For this kind of alternative medicine the objective is the relief and improvement of any disorder that the patient who comes to this type of naturopathy has.


It is an alternative medicine that applies ancient oriental techniques, which are responsible for restoring balance in the body's energy. Using special needles that are placed at certain points on the body. Each of these points is spread throughout the body through the path of the meridians, also known as energy channels.

During this naturopathy a stimulation of all these points is carried out, which results in balance and restoration in the energy that flows through the body. When body energy flows properly, health is significantly improved.

Bach flowers

This is a flower therapy that works like alternative medicine, made up of essences that are extracted from various flowers. Bach flowers make up a holistic and energetic therapy, which is responsible for helping in the restoration of health. It contributes to establish a harmony in the dysfunctions that exist in the mental, physical and spiritual fields of the living beings.


One of the best known ancestral systems is reiki, it is part of alternative medicine and is quite simple to put into practice. It is generally used for pain relief and to achieve a state of complete relaxation, which favors the improvement of the body.

Trace elements

They are various chemicals that are present in very small amounts within the body, and that intervene in metabolism. These trace elements are mostly metals, but each of them is essential for each of the cells to function properly.


A type of naturopathy like this is applied to the pinna through very fine needles, like those used in acupuncture. Those are placed at certain points that are related to the processes that cause a certain disease.


More than one natural medicine It is a method to determine a diagnosis, based on the reading of the iris, which is a part that makes up the eyeball and the one that gives color to the eyes. Determining the signs that correspond to certain conditions or disorders that affect the body.

Foot reflexology

As its main objective, reflexology focuses on maintaining the good health of all organs in general. As with systems or structures, through appropriate stimulation that is applied to the corresponding microreflexes, which are found in the feet. Through the use of this type of naturopathy, it is possible to restore the balance that naturally possesses energy, glands and the correct functioning of the organs.


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