Natural solutions to treat hair loss

A fairly common concern is suffer from hair loss. And despite what you think, it is not always a symptom related to some disease. It is true that people are practically used to dealing with this type of problem. But if the hair loss occurs in a significant way, this could lead to some self-esteem issues. Due to this we comment on some natural solutions to treat hair loss.

Definition of hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that could affect exclusively the scalp, or also the rest of the body. Becoming temporary or a permanent inconvenience. It occurs due to the presence of hereditary genes, diseases, hormonal changes or aging.

Prevent hair loss

When preventive measures are taken in order to avoid appearance of hair loss, it is usually due to some of the symptoms being experienced. Thus causing a great loss in hair density. The main thing is to determine the origin of the problem, since hair loss can occur for various reasons.

Bad habits: Like all parts of the body, hair requires essential nutrients to grow properly. If the necessary nutrients are not included in the diet, over time the person is likely to face a worrying hair loss. This problem can be solved simply by including the required nutrients for proper hair growth, since it is not permanent baldness.

Androgenic alopecia: Also known as common baldness, it occurs more in men than in women. In this case, when the cause is for the mentioned reason, it is probably not possible to stop the hair loss. It means that as the problem progresses, a hair transplant may be required if you really want to recover your hair.

Nervous alopecia: It is a problem that really occurs, and that appears when people are subjected to great loads of stress in their day to day life. The body generates more cortisol than is needed, preventing nutrients from reaching the follicles. Thus causing the detachment of the hair fibers. However, this problem is something that can be reversed through reducing stress.

Although many of the times hair loss has a solution, it is still necessary to prevent this problem from occurring. The way the hair is cared for is also of great importance. Generally, hair that is subjected to the heat of the plant or the dryer, to discoloration and also to care products, will be under a lot of abuse. It means then that the hair will fall out more easily.

Home remedies for hair loss

There are several ways to combat hair loss, if viewed from a natural and home point of view. The most common for a natural treatment for hair loss, is to apply a natural product through a gentle massage, in order to stimulate circulation. Although it also helps to strengthen and strengthen hair fibers.

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aloe vera

Applying Aloe vera to your hair is very simple. You simply have to cut one of the aloe vera leaves horizontally. Afterwards, the glass is gently rubbed, the whole with the strands. The Aloe vera is allowed to dry on the hair and then it is rinsed with plenty of water. This procedure should be repeated every day for best results.

Almonds oil

One of the best sources of nutrients recommended for hair is almonds. Because of this, just using a few drops of the almond oil will be more than enough. They should be placed in the palm of the hand and then applied to the scalp, using gentle massages in the form of circles, as it stimulates the scalp. It will not be necessary to rinse the hair once the oil is applied.


Eating a diet that includes cabbage (also known as cabbage), in many cases could help strengthen hair. Similarly, it is possible to use it as a mask as a natural treatment for hair loss.

Only half a raw cabbage is required, chop and soak for at least an hour. After that time, the cabbage will have to be processed with a mixer and a certain amount of water, until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Which should be applied to the horse, as if it were a cream bath.

Green Tea

It is not simply a drink that has purifying actions in the body, it is also one of the home remedies for hair loss. Using green tea offers many antioxidants, which help in the strengthening of the hair follicles, preventing an excessive fall from occurring.

Its application is very easy, since once the cup of green tea is prepared, it must be allowed to cool. When it's time to shower, pour the tea into your hair, as if it were a hair tonic. Repeat this procedure at least twice a week, in order to obtain the best results.

Rosemary oil

This is another excellent essential oil that is responsible for nourishing and at the same time strengthening hair. In the same way that happens with almond oil, rosemary oil should be applied by massage in the form of circles on the scalp. Thus, the movement will be responsible for stimulating the flow of blood. Allowing the hair follicles to strengthen. A great idea is to add this essential oil to your regular-use shampoo.


Nettle is one of the best plants for hair growth in addition to Aloe vera. The leaves of this plant are very effective in preventing hair loss problems. Using nettle lotions is another way to apply this plant to the scalp, and it is possible to find it in homeopathic pharmacies.

It should be applied to the scalp before going to sleep using a circle-shaped massage. Leave it to act during the hours of the night and rinse your hair in the morning.


Beets or beets have numerous minerals and many vitamins, which help to efficiently strengthen hair, preventing it from falling out over time. You can chop a beet in half and rub it directly into the scalp. No need to worry as the purple color will disappear once the hair is rinsed. This procedure has to be repeated three times a week.

Egg white

In case the hair falls out too much, beat four egg whites and then rub them into the hair using circular motions. Once this is done, let it act for half an hour and then rinse with plenty of water. Finally the hair is washed as usual. The eggs contain albumin, and this will act in order to strengthen the strands that are weak.

Onion juice

Onion is commonly used as a treatment for wounds, as well as for all kinds of skin problems. Therefore, it could be of great help in case of hair loss problems due to skin conditions. This vegetable contains large amounts of sulfur, allowing a great improvement in the flow of blood to the hair follicles.

When the onion juice has been extracted, apply it to the hair and leave it to act for about half an hour. Once this is done, the hair is washed as it is normally done. Repeat this procedure twice a week, and continue for at least three months.

Olive oil

Another excellent natural home remedy to alleviate hair loss is the use of olive oil. Applying just a few drops along with a gentle massage for about 15 minutes every couple of days is more than enough if you want to get great results.

There are a wide variety of treatments as well as products on the market that are used for the relief of hair loss. However, natural recipes are also very efficient to combat this problem.


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