Natural remedies to relieve sunburn

The holidays come, the sun, the beach or the pool and it can happen that you suffer some sunburn before an intense sun exposure. There are natural remedies that they will help you to alleviate the discomfort and to let your skin calm down and regenerate as soon as possible.

aloe vera

Directly from the plant or with a gel product that contains it in quantity, aloe vera It is an excellent skin soothing that will provide immediate relief and freshness in the affected area.

Its collagen content accelerates the regeneration of the dermis so that, in addition to relaxing and minimizing the burning of the skin will help facilitate the healing process of the burn.


Cold water

But eye ice not directly! Since you could cause even more damage to the skin. You can apply a towel or cloth submerged in cold water in the area to be treated to relieve the burning, soaking the towel when it loses cold.

This would be the first step when a burn occurs to calm the swelling, burning and prevent it from moving to other adjoining areas. As well It is advisable to drink a lot of water to combat the dehydration that leads to a burn.



Lactic acid from whole milk It has soothing properties that help relieve sunburn, burning and skin damage. Wet a cloth, gauze or muslin with whole milk and apply in the area with care, leave on for at least twenty minutes and rinse with cold water. You can also take a warm bath by adding a liter of milk to the water.

Green Tea

The catechins and tannic acid contained in green tea They are a great smoothing to soothe discomfort and the burning of burns will go aways. To benefit from its properties, you only have to put green tea bags in cold water and apply them, as a compress, on the affected area. Drinking green tea also has the ability to protect you from sun damage.


Tea tree essential oil

If you are only going to have an essential oil at home, this should be the tea tree. It is an off-road oil that has many uses, one of them is the soothe irritated skin and help heal and reduce inflammation of the burned area.

You can dilute two or three drops in water and wash the damaged area well or mix a couple of drops with your aloe vera gel and then apply it in the area, in addition to relieving the burning and avoiding inflammation, It also helps to regenerate the skin and prevents infections that could complicate the burn.

Tips to avoid sunburn

Although sunbathing has many health benefits, it is essential to be cautious to avoid skin damage and serious illness. Avoid exposure to the sun in the middle of the day (from 11:00 to 17:00). Very important the sunscreen, apply it half an hour before exposing yourself to the sun and replicate it every two hours or every time you bathe.


The add-ons like hat or sunglasses are a great help to protect you from the sun king. Hydrate a lot with liquids and seasonal fruits such as watermelon or melon.

Remember that burns can not only lead to the discomfort associated with immediate damage to the skin, they are also responsible for sun spots or lentigines, severe skin damage and even skin cancer. Enjoy summer but protect your skin so you do not have to regret it later.

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