Natural remedies (that do work) against menstrual pain

In this world there are two types of people, and we will classify them through a sad story with which you surely feel identified. We all have a friend who has rules ghost, that is, it appears by surprise without any sign of pain, stays for about three days and then disappears without a trace, like that summer love that in September, wants nothing to do with you. Then there is that other friend, to whom the premenstrual syndrome turns into a roller coaster of feelings, ten days before she arrives, her menstruation is already manifested (lest she forget it) and a week passes between headaches, chest and gut I wouldn't wish on anyone.

It goes without saying which of the two friends is you (and me). We will say just in case: the second. For this reason, we have set to work to discover which are the Natural medicine that do work against period pains and they don't have any kind of side effect.


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A few weeks ago we were talking about why your rule had derailed (If your rule has gone crazy, this is your article: reasons why you were advanced (or delayed) during confinement), also, we were referring to the fact of that on those days of the month you would rob a potato chip shop (the reason why you get fat and don't want to see broccoli when you have your period, here) and we told you (although this was a few months ago) how to survive the first time with the menstrual cup.

There is no doubt, the topic that most concerns us is menstruation, but not only its emotional symptoms or consequences, but also the remedies that exist to alleviate pain They haunt us month after month (although if you feel that the pains are very intense and you cannot lead a normal life, you should go to a doctor to assess if you could have endometriosis or some other hormonal imbalance).

So we've made a selection of grandma's natural remedies that you can try before taking chemical drugs during these days of the month.


It seems that we have become "the herbs", but no. The truth is that natural infusions have many long-term benefits. Not only diuretics or those that help us regulate sleep cycles, but also those that help with pain, specifically menstrual. The chamomile and cinnamon they will become your best friends during the period, and that is, the first is a very effective remedy to calm muscle spasms since it contains glycine, a component that acts as a natural relaxant and the second, helps to relieve colic thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.

The sage infusion It is also a great help, since this plant is known for its effects as a hormonal regulator due to its high content of plant-based estrogens. So it will not only help us relax, but also control mood swings.

He ginger It is one of the superfoods with the most properties: it is not only a thermogen that helps us lose weight, it also increases immunity, it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and helps to disgest. And in addition, it is an infallible infusion to relieve menstrual colic for its antispasmodic properties, helping to reduce muscle contractions and improve and regulate the flow of menstruation.

He oregano not only serves to flavor dishes, infused and together with chamomile it is a great ally to relieve spasms and menstrual cramps.

Other remedies

The hot water bottles or those of seeds can momentarily calm pain, although there are many studies that assure that physical activity intervenes favorably in reducing discomfort. If you don't feel like going out for a run or intense physical activity, the yoga it can become a very effective remedy for pain by carrying out very specific postures (which we explain here)

The feeding plays a fundamental role these days: sorry, but you should avoid chocolate, ultra-processed and sugars, which will only make you bloat and opt for healthy foods such as broccoli, which specifically helps with pain due to its composition of glucosinolates, which helps the liver eliminate excess estrogens.

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