Natural gynecology: follow these Instagram accounts to self-manage your health

In the Internet era, many answers are one click away, but that does not mean that all the information is true and responsible. Thus, if you want to learn to manage your health, the best thing you can do is turn to people to guide you personally, consciously and responsibly In that process.

We share the Instagram accounts that, in addition to sharing information, reflections and tips on natural gynecology, sexuality and menstruation, provide courses, workshops and sessions in person and online.


Dr. Melisa Pereyra is a medical specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In your networks, share information about gynecology and fertility, emphasizing gynecological health and disease prevention, but also in the importance of self-knowledge of the body itself. With clear and loving words, he invites women to be empowered, to become aware of each stage of their life and to respect the female body, its cycles and its changes.


Sofia SloboParisi and her team provide information on sexual, affective and integral education, ayurveda and natural gynecology, tantra and circular breathing of the uterus. Much of the work they carry out in their sessions and workshops is based and promoted by Law 26.150, of the National Program of Integral Sexual Education, sanctioned in 2006 in the Republic of Argentina. In their networks, in addition to sharing their work, they open a question and answer space every Sunday, called the “Sunday of questions”.


Is a feminist health project who researches, discusses and publishes editorials on sexual and integral health for women. They promote information for women's self-knowledge and well-being, focusing on the collective investigation. Among his team is Pabla Pérez San Martín, the author of the “Introductory Manual to Natural Gynecology”.


The Instagram of Caro Ferreyra, certified instructor in constant training, shares information especially on the synergistic method (the natural method of conscious self-management of fertility and contraception), sreproductive avalanche and informed consent. Highlight especially the quaternary prevention: the measures that identify the risks of excess medication, mainly from birth control pills.


Pamela de Girolamo invites, through Matrix Connection, to live the feminine nature with natural alternatives, healthy, practical and simple, in harmony with the environment in which we live. Provides face-to-face workshops, online and facilitator training in the care of the matrix On his Instagram, share eco-tips and posts about natural gynecology and sacred sexuality that invite self-observation and reflection.


It is part of @ilovecyclo, the Spanish brand of sustainable and conscious menstruation. With the hashtag #beataboobreaker, the menstrual education school search break the myths and taboos about the menstrual cycle and promote self-knowledge.

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