Natural cosmetics: how to make your makeup and daily care products

While we are all concerned with looking and feeling good, we often neglect what we use to achieve that look we want. Thus, we end up choosing hair products or creams that are full of chemicals. When you stop to think about it, it doesn't sound very healthy, does it?

The good news is that there is natural cosmetics as an alternative. The ingredients it uses provide pure benefits and allow you to go one step further in your connection with nature, as it teaches you about everything it has to offer.

But in addition to being chemical-free and respectful of the environment, natural cosmetics have another benefit: many of their products can be made by yourself at home. In addition to being super practical, with this you can say goodbye to the long labels with indecipherable names of components. Now you will know exactly what you are using. You can also say goodbye to polluting packaging!

In these three courses you can acquire the knowledge you need to start. All are available in the Bioguide Courses section, in the “Cosmetics” category.

Online course of natural cosmetics – Kalimiel

Nuria Iribarren teaches you to make all your cosmetics from scratch and with 100% natural ingredients: creams, gels, masks, scrubs, cleansers, toners, perfumes, and much more! By doing so, you will get downloadable written material and audiovisual material in a virtual classroom, as well as a year of free advice with the author.

In the courses section you can also get the Nuria Iribarren book with a discount with which you will learn how to make your solid cosmetics. In this way avoid the use of plastics in packaging, toxic ingredients present in conventional cosmetics and help to take care of the environment while you have fun creating incredible and precious preparations.

Benefit: 10% discount exclusively for Bioguide users

Products for your daily care – Alma Natural

Anabella Botto, from Alma Natural, teaches you how to make products from scratch and completely natural, to care for your skin and protect the planet in a respectful and conscious way. A shampoo without sulfates, parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances, with formulas adaptable to all types of hair. A restorative hair mask to smooth and nourish your hair with a completely natural and healthy cream. A hydrating liquid soap.

In the Anabella Botto courses available in the Bioguide Courses section you can also learn how to make mousse and body butter, facial creams, body milk, and more!

Benefit: Biobook user gift ebook

Nutricosmetic makeup – Narú Nutricosmetics

Do you want to create your own makeup line with natural products? With simple recipes, healthy and edible ingredients? Then this course of Narú Nutricosmética is ideal for you. You will learn how to make 4 shades of facial powders and 6 shades of herbal blushes. You will also study colors to create 3 shades of mascara and 5 shades of lipsticks.

All the inputs to make these makeups are accessible, and the products you create will be suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate ones.

Benefit: 10% discount exclusively for Bioguide users

Which one will you start with?