Natto, the Japanese superfood that few dare to try but has many benefits

And you will be wondering, What is natto? Natto is a derivative of soy that is obtained after fermenting its seeds with a bacterium called Bacillus subtilis. It is very nutritious, so much that some have come to say about it that can extend life. The problem? It smells bad, tastes strange and also has this viscous texture that doesn't help much to make it look palatable.

As an anecdote, they say in the Japanese country that natto is the test that a foreigner must pass to be considered Japanese: if you like it, you have it done. But this is nothing more than a small joke, since this food has such a characteristic flavor that even the Japanese themselves do not like it. At least not everyone.

Natto Properties

Despite this, this food is rich in nutrients: contains essential vitamins and amino acids. Also enzymes that favor digestion and favor the assimilation of nutrients. It is rich in vegetable protein, calcium and most curious of all: it is one of the few foods with a high amount of vitamin K2, essential for the health of the bones, the circulatory system or the nervous system.

Among its enzymes, is the most prominent, the one that has been baptized as Nattokinase. A substance that acts as an anticoagulant agent of the blood, being able to prevent vascular diseases such as thrombosis.

In short, natto is a superfood with many benefits. And although it is true that taking it naturally can be somewhat unpleasant, it can be consumed mixed with other ingredients, such as rice or noodles. Dressings such as soy sauce or curry are usually added to camouflage its salor. A good solution to enjoy all its properties.


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