Natarajasana (or dancer’s pose): take care of your spine while dealing with stress

Sometimes you don’t know which yoga modality to choose. Or it turns out that you practiced the famous posture of Sukhasana and fell short physically. Or the opposite: you did the yoga side plank and missed delving a little more into the spiritual part. But the advantage of yoga is that you will always find a posture effective for anything you pursue and if what you want is to work body and mind at high levels, here is the Natarajasana, also known as dancer pose.

Yoga is the point of support that provides a equilibrium state at times when you find it difficult to balance your demanding routine and the need for calm and pause. The innumerable health benefits derived from the practice of yoga are found in the dancer’s pose a good compendium of virtues. In Hindu mythology, Nataraja is a name given to Mr. Shiva because he used to perform a cosmic dance for rejuvenate your emotions, thus restoring balance in the universe. This pose mimics one of Mr. Nataraja’s dance poses. Body balance plays a key role.

How to do Natarajasana right

Start standing with your feet together and your arms at your sides as in mountain pose. Inhale and tilt your right leg back, While you extend your right hand to keep your foot up. Find your point of Balance and stretch your left arm forward. Continue raising your left arm straight up until it’s about 45 degrees off the ground.

Now try to raise your right leg in a curve keeping your right hand as high as you can. keep your balance breathing gently through the nostrils with your gaze frozen to the horizon. Stay in Natarajasana for a few 30 seconds initially. You can increase the time to one minute as you gain experience through practice.

Finally, gradually lower the leg as you return to the starting position. Repeat the asana for your left leg below. Try to practice this posture five times for each leg and incorporate it into your basic routine, especially on the most difficult and stressful days.

Health Benefits of Dancer’s Pose

This posture can help you lose weight, since you tend to burn calories during practice, but the main thing is that strengthen and stretch your ankles, legs, thighs, chest, abdomen, chest and hips. This pose develops a greater flexibility in the spine, shoulders and hamstrings and practicing it constantly improves your balance.

Additionally, it is fabulous for supplying you with that inner peace you need and acts as a great stress buster, calming your mind. Additionally, it greatly improves your digestive system and you will also find that you concentration increases in intensity. You will feel a kind of vigor after practicing Natarajasana, as you activate your whole body.

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