Natalie Portman's vegan breakfast that has made networks fall in love

At celebrities They like to cook. Although we think they have permanent chefs at home, it is not always the case. Chrissy Teigen He has already shown that his cooking skills are his. He even has a book showing the delicious recipes he makes, many with the help of his mother. Another famous who loves cooking? Natalie Portman. The actress has uploaded to her account Instagram a video where we can see her cooking a typical israeli recipe but adapted to your vegan diet.

What did it consist of? It was about a very complete breakfast It can be prepared in several steps. The actress has revealed that it is a recipe from her mother and that she has made some changes to make her vegan.

Natalie wrote in the post, "Here is my recipe for a traditional Israeli breakfast of chickpeas, salad and tahini. It may seem complicated but it is only a task of cutting, frying and stirring." And then, he explained each dish step by step:

"For the chickpeas: In a large skillet and over medium heat, add avocado oil, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, a can of peeled tomatoes and a can of chickpeas. Add cumin and salt to taste.

For the salad: Cut cherry tomatoes in half, cucumber and parsley. Dressing with lemon juice, olive oil and salt to taste.

For him bread: Cut half a baguette, brush the olive oil and sprinkle salt on top. Put it in the preheated oven to roast and remove when it is to your liking.

For him hummus: in the blender, add a cup of pre-cooked chickpeas, a clove of garlic, the juice of half a lemon, and two teaspoons of salt. "

Without a doubt, a delicious recipe that you can make to snack when friends come home or to incorporate it into your Sunday brunch menu.

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