Myths about the contraceptive pill you did not know

The anticonceptive pill It is one of the most used methods to avoid pregnancy after the condom. However, there is a halo of uncertainty when we talk about the possible side effects of this drug that very rarely ends up dissipating. Is the pill bad in the long term? Can it make us gain weight? Is it the culprit of the sudden mood swings we experience at times? Increasingly, millennial generation he says 'no' to this type of contraception that was once an achievement for female sexual freedom.

The reason? The new generations of women ask for different solutions to take charge of their sexuality. The percentages have spoken: only in the last year the consumption of the contraceptive pill has dropped by 5%. 30% of Spanish women use this method, however, it is a very low number compared to 50% in the United Kingdom or France.

One of the main reasons that explain this phenomenon is that women are becoming aware of their body. Another is feminism: male contraceptives are a possibility, but their development was suspended due to possible side effects, (in fact, much smaller than those of the female pill, we only have to ask why with our hands on our heads). But the most important and commented is the one that lists the possible side effects what you can have

Since the pill began to be commercialized in the United States in the 1960s, the composition of this hormonal method It has changed a lot. Side effects have decreased and contraindications, although very high, are not as many as 20 years ago, given that the level of hormones that is administered is lower. However, What is true and what is a lie when we talk about contraceptives? We tell you everything.

The most common side effect and also, more true, is that of intermenstrual bleedingIt is normal to bleed between periods when you start taking the pill and it can last around three months, because the body is getting used to this hormonal load. Nausea, decreased sexual appetite, headaches, increase and chest pain They are also symptoms caused by this contraceptive that are fulfilled in many cases. But … What are the bullies more widespread?


After taking the pill it is more difficult to get pregnant

According to experts, this argument is a lie. Each woman is different and her process at the time of conception is also different. The amount of time needed for a woman to return to fertility varies, but about half of women who have taken contraceptives for a prolonged period of time, get pregnant between three and five months later. Age is also a factor to consider, since the possibility of pregnancy decreases with this, therefore, it is normal that with age it costs more to conceive.

There is a risk of thrombosis

The cardiovascular risk of the pill was a risk factor in the first years of its commercialization. The high composition of progestins and estrogens made it evident that the women who took it were more inclined to suffer a problem of this type. Although it may happen, at present the levels of these hormones have decreased, so this side effect is strange and occurs in very specific cases.

The pill makes you fat

This is one of the most widespread fears when we talk about the side effects. The pill by itself does not make you fat, however, if it can cause greater fluid retention which causes us to think that we have won weight. By containing hormones in the composition, the body has to get used to these external agents, so feeling more bloated the first three months is common. But it is not real weight, but liquid.

Remember that finding the perfect pill is not easy. You should consult your doctor until you find the hormonal composition that best suits you. You do not have to abate discomfort or a terrible swelling, if you consider that you are not well and you attribute it to the pill, consult your doctor.

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