Myths about losing weight with a vegan diet

There is a widespread belief that if you adopt a vegan diet, you will lose weight. This food, based solely on products of vegetable origin, banish all food of animal origin completely.

However, the logic that eliminating meat, eggs, dairy or any ingredient that is not of plant origin will lose weight is not true.

Adopting such a diet with the aim of being more aware of animal exploitation is very different from choosing it for aesthetic reasons: if you want to lose weight, it is not the best idea. Why?

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Keep in mind that you will drastically eliminate all the foods you were used to. Out meat and fish, two of the most satiating food groups. Because of this, your amounts of pasta, rice and grains, will be larger and therefore, you will eat more by enlarging your portions.

In addition, being vegan is not synonymous with not being caloric. Vegan meats, snacks and even chocolate and sweets that can be eaten when this diet is adopted are full of refined flours and sugars, so the replacement will not make you lose weight.

All this added to the fact that eating a vegan diet in which all the necessary nutrients are included is a difficult task, so if you are only taking this diet to slim down, you will fall into the monotony of eating lettuce and tomato and you will get tired a week, failing in your goal of losing weight.

Swell to chips, nuts and foods that although vegetables are full of saturated fats and sugars will not make your diet better, much less, that you can lose those kilos you have gained during the summer. So the best thing you can do if you want to convert to veganism is to do it for the right options and not just to lose weight.

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