My whole family calls me “selfish” for refusing to take care of my sister’s children

Caring for a relative’s children is a huge help, however, it can sometimes cause discord. Look at this.

Last update: 23 September, 2022

The moment a new baby arrives in the family, everyone is happy. Therefore, they are interested in living multiple beautiful moments with them and transmitting teachings to them.

Also, are willing to take care of them from time to time to lend a helping hand to parents. However, this action can often become a complex problem.

Some parents forget about the responsibilities of others and believe that their close relatives always have to agree to stay with their children. Likewise, in the moments in which they refuse, they treat them as selfish and a conflict is generated.

As it happened with 2 sisters. For this reason, in this article we will tell you all the details of this story and the solutions that can be taken into account so as not to affect the links.

The difficulty for which they are treating a selfish sister

Liza, a 25-year-old woman, has a sister named Amber, who is the mother of a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old daughter. She has always tried to help her the most. She is aware that it is not at all easy to be a single mother.

Since the birth of the first child, he has agreed to take care of his nephews several times. So much so, that on some occasions she has had them for 3 consecutive weekends.

In addition to being aware that nothing bad happens to them, It has been up to you to cook them, bathe them and take care of all their essential needs. However, the 2 sisters never agreed on specific conditions. As a result of that situation, Amber began to see Liza as her trusted babysitter.

For the same reason, he has come home unannounced and with the intention of taking care of his offspring. Likewise, on other occasions, she has warned him very much about the weather.

According to that act, Liza has felt that her free time is being violated. In addition to this, he has had to cancel several of the plans that he already had in mind.

Consequently, one day when Amber called her to tell her that she was already on her way home to take care of her little angels for a moment, she got angry. She told him to go back to her home and to respect her personal space.

Amber stopped talking to him. Also, her parents also disapproved of her reaction and typecast her as selfish. This is how Liza is very shaken at the emotional level and, for this reason, she wants to find solutions to calm everything down and avoid future inconveniences.

What can be done in those cases?

First, it is essential that the parties involved have a space for reflection and calm down. This, with the intention of avoiding saying offensive words that make everything worse.

On the other hand, it is essential that the occasional caregiver open her heart and express her emotions to the mother of the children. This is how she can make him understand what is bothering him and make it clear that it is not a matter of selfishness or lack of love.

It is also advisable to set limits from the beginning so that everyone is clear about the hours in which help can be provided. Another great alternative is to tell the mother of the little ones about the responsibilities that have to be assumed on a daily basis.

The same way, it is crucial that additional solutions are offered to the parent so you don’t feel lost. Among these, the most pertinent may be the hiring of a babysitter or the affiliation to a nursery.

Finally, it is very useful to be aware of the mother and the children. In this way, they will feel loved and detect that nothing is the product of arrogance, but that there are times when it is not possible to be available.

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