My baby fell out of bed: what should I do?

The first thing we should do if the baby fell out of bed is to calm down so we can check it. To begin with, it is good to know that most of thisace Falls are usually mild and the bad time is a huge scare.

The beds are of a height that makes it difficult to get seriously injured. And statistics show that in 85.9% of the cases the baby will require only observation.

However, if it has happened in a simple blow, it may present neurological symptoms that suggest a more serious injury. Pwe present Here are some tips that guide you on how to deal with this embarrassing situation.

What injuries can a baby suffer from falling out of bed?

Baby's wounds when falling of the bed are, frequently, injuries that only deserve observation and some local action to reduce inflammation. The we aim starting with the mildests:

  • Pain with or without redness in the area of ​​the blow.
  • Wounds little like scrapes.
  • Bump or lump.
  • Clavicle fracture: If this happens, the area that goes from the root of the neck to the shoulder will hurt to the touch and we will notice that the arm hardly moves.
  • Skull fracture: andThe latter is the injury most feared by parents and pediatricians. SIf it has happened, it presents certain characteristics that give clues about its severity. Losing consciousness after trauma and having repeated vomiting are among the main signs.

By not presentsr warning signs, the pediatrician mayto recommend keeping it under observation. Placing ice on the affected area is effective to reduce inflammation. In in case it does not tolerate it we can use a cloth pre-chilled in the freezer.

Staying calm is the first measure against this fall. Parents should act with restraint in checking the child.

How can I react?

Staying calm is essential. If we panic and the baby is conscious, we will be transmitting all our fear to him and he will feel more disturbed than he already is by the fall itself.

It will be good signs that the baby isand awake Y cryrando by the impact. Also, what do not see to naked eye hurt or lethargic. What should we do? The best will load it with caution to comfort him and make sure he's okay. We start by exploring the head and then the rest of the body.

On the contrary, if it has been unconscious, it is convenient that we do not move it. If in that state he vomits or presents sudden movements, we will tip him onto his side carefully, trying to keep his neck straight. According to studies, the convulsions they are a frequent symptom when there is a head trauma (TBI).

We must be vigilant to a lump, especially on the scalp. In case of bloodand, we can find gauze or a clean absorbent cloth to put some pressure on the wound.

Anyway, if the baby fell out of bed Ideally, call your pediatrician so that help us decide if you consider the emergency transfer necessary or prefer to do a review in consultation. The professional will ask how the fall was, where we think the impact occurred in the head and the symptoms that have occurred since the event.

By choosing by staying at home it is advisable to observe the baby for the next 24 hours and wake him up every 4 hours to check his general condition.

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When to call 911 if the baby fell out of bed

Yes the baby was unconscious after he fell out of bed and the blow was loud. OR if you fall asleep immediately and don't wake up, let's call 911. They may want to do tests to make sure you didn't have a head injury and that your vital signs are fine.

Other signs that we need to seek help include the following:

  • The baby vomits after the fall and he does it several times.
  • We see blood or clear fluid coming out of the nose, ears or mouth.
  • Has abnormal movements that we do not recognize as common.
  • Your eyes look disoriented or the pupils are not the same size.
  • Cries in a way that is impossible to comfort.
  • Breathe in very long pauses.

According the research, there are predictors what indicate when there is no skull fracture. Usually, children without TBI phave a normal mental state and absence of bruise on the scalp. Nor have pandrdidor the consciousness or, dand haveor done, it was less than 5 seconds; They do not have palpable skull fracture and parents notice that the baby acts as usual.

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Recommendations to prevent the baby from falling

General preventive measures involve not leaving the baby alone and blocking his movements with suitable cushions or cribs.

That the baby falls off out of bed is undoubtedly an accident that as a parents we would never want it to happen. The truth is that it happens more than people imagine. Phear that we give some recommendations to avoid it that may be useful:

  • Not leaving the baby alone in bed is a rule that we must always consider. No matter how small, it will always surprise us the first time it turns around.
  • Adapt safety rails to the bed easily available in baby stores.
  • Putting pillows around the baby when he sleeps does not protect him from a fall; it can push them and fall the same to the ground. It is preferable to glue the bed to the wall and surround the other side with cushions if we have to be away for a few seconds.
  • When changing the baby, whether in bed or changing table, we have at hand everything you need to no leave him alone. If we have to move, it will be better to carry it loaded or if it is very close we must place a hand to hold it.
  • The best place for the baby to rest will be his own crib; suitable for its age and manufactured under strict safety standards.

Feeling bad is natural if the baby fell out of bed

Feeling bad about yourself before a mishap like this is natural. We will immediately be the first to point out if we had the baby in our care. It is important that we overcome that emotional state, even when the consequences have been the most unfavorable.

Remember that accidents happen. If we feel the days go by and a feeling of guilt continues to affect us, it may be time to seek professional assistance. Will help us get over the incident and we'll be back to feel secure about the role of caregivers of the baby.