Munawara, the technique to treat chronic diseases in a comprehensive and natural way

Many times people with conditions that have been going on for a long time. Digestive ailments that we have had for years, menstrual pain that does not subside, heartburn and bad breath, very restrictive meals because I do not like everything.

The symptoms that we suffer daily because they are nonspecific and not very serious or acute, we let them stay with us and without realizing it, time passes and they affect our quality of life more and more, until we no longer remember what it was like to feel 100% good.

However, even if we are not fully aware, a continuous pro-inflammatory state is generated in our body, predisposing to the appearance of other pathologies and complications, not to mention that the affectation of our quality of life, humor, desire to do things is also of great relevance and deserves that we allocate our time to solve it.

In personalized, comprehensive and natural consultations of Makam we have the MUNAWARA technique specially designed for the treatment of chronic pathologies. Munawara consists of physical maneuvers that we perform on the patient using their own body focused on their natural movement, breathing exercises and neurosensory stimulation to help the person regain their internal balance. They are relaxing maneuvers, not painful but effective.

In addition, we identify with the patient the elements or habits that make you sick, generating joint strategies to regain your health and well-being that will support the treatment, allowing the pathology not to reappear.

Each person, each patient is unique and even though they have the same pathology, age and risk factors, they require a different treatment that takes into account their particularities and goes through them in all areas of their life, maximizing their possibility of living in health.

Let's illustrate an apparent highly repetitive situation in the office. Marta is a woman who suffers from bad breath in the morning, reflux and heartburn alternated with periods of pain and post-prandial abdominal distension. He has seen several doctors and ruled out organic pathology, but his discomfort continues. We talked to get to know each other and get involved in Marta's personal story, her fears, worries, daily life, rhythm, tastes and priorities.

Together we identify the states that worsen this symptomatology and then proceed to explain why what happens to him, It is not in her imagination and it has a reason for being and it is important that Marta knows it, so that she can deal with it. Once the problems are identified, we reveal the solutions, propose a treatment plan with the Munawara technique and we incorporate new habits into your routine that contribute to your balance and well-being with the aim of moving his vital balance towards a life in health and fullness.

In addition, we teach four basic exercises specially designed to stimulate the circulatory, immunoendocrine, kidney and respiratory systems so that the person can perform in the tranquility of their home every day and help them improve their quality of life, maintaining permanent contact with the change that returning to health entails in their life.

We promote a state of consciousness, relaxation and stress management that will greatly benefit the patient, enhancing the fruits of the established treatment.

MUNAWARA is a widely applicable technique designed to address each person in their chronic condition from all the areas that make up their being, stress management, diet, daily life, physical activity, sleep and of course the necessary maneuvers and exercises to restore physical balance to your discomfort. We do it in a consensual manner and in conjunction with the patient, recognizing the importance of the active role that each one of us fulfills in our health.