Mother cries with emotion when she leaves her son for the first time at school

This mother felt a special emotion when taking her son to school and could not help the tears. Find out!

Last update: 12 September, 2022

Starting school for the first time is a moment full of anticipation and nostalgia for little ones. It makes them imagine various new experiences, but also be a little sad about having to be separated for a few hours from their relatives.

In addition, it is a moment full of emotion for parents. Feelings wash over them as they realize how fast their offspring are growing.

On the other hand, feel some fear when thinking about new interactions and responsibilities that their children will have to bear. Just as a Mexican mother demonstrated when she saw her child crossing the garden gate.

Therefore, in this article we share all the details of this story. Don’t miss them!

The sensitivity of a mother who took her son to the first day of school

Face-to-face admission to educational entities was postponed for many children. The pandemic forced all classes to be held virtually.

However, it has been returning to normal in many countries. As is the case in Mexico.

So he bequeathed the day a mother took her son to school for the first time. Because of that, they got ready and left on time so as not to be late.

They were at the indicated time at the door of the institution. One of the teachers welcomed them and proceeded to take the little boy’s hand to place him inside the facilities.

However, despite the forecasts against it, the minor was not emotionally affected. Quite the contrary. Enter safely and calmly.

However, the mother did have a lot of mixed emotions. Consequently, she gave a sincere smile, but she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Perhaps you remembered that until recently your child was in your arms. Now, it was up to her to be a little more independent.

Undoubtedly, those tears reflected the pride I was feeling. All mothers are filled with sensitivity by being the number 1 witnesses of their little ones’ development.

The moment the story went viral

When the Mexican mother began to cry, a woman identified as Jahzeel Castro was encouraged to record everything. It seemed to him that she might be interested in treasuring that moment forever..

In addition, he asked for permission and shared the video on his TikTok account. She was sure that many people could relate.

In this way, he moved the majority of Internet users and managed to get the publication to start being shared massively. So much so, that currently it exceeds 400,000 likes and has around 7 million views.

Besides, It has generated multiple positive comments. A woman stated that she represented her. Another mother expressed that she had also cried seas when she had lived that moment. And finally, one person concluded that this passage of existence is sad and beautiful at the same time.

Watch the video where you can see the mother’s reaction.

[embedded content]

What advice to keep in mind for when children start their school stage?

The case of this Mexican mother has made it clear that going to school for the first time generates joy, but also some concern about the change in routine. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to some recommendations that facilitate the transition.

This is how, in the first place, parents have to know that it is highly recommended to make the little ones draw and see multiple books at home. That exercise prepares them for all the tasks they will have to do at school..

In the second instance, it is also crucial that, before classes begin, the child is taken to visit the classrooms, with the aim of familiarizing himself with that space and not feeling so strange during the first day. To end, it is quite useful for you to know your teacher in advance. Thus, you can be a little more confident and protected while you are in his custody.

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