Mom makes her kids walk 12,000 steps to let them play video games

A mother created her own rule so that her children could play their video games without putting their health at risk. Know what it is about!

Last update: 28 January, 2022

It is a reality that all children are attracted to video games for fun. But nevertheless, excessive use can trigger serious problems such as sedentary lifestyle and little socialization with the environment.

Because of that, it is essential that parents take charge of regulating play time. In this way, they ensure that the child can enjoy without putting her health at risk.

In this way, the ideal is to agree on rules that are clear from the beginning. Well, this is how the child understands the importance of knowing how to find a balance to avoid unfortunate consequences.

As a result of this fact, a mother devised her own technique to have a good control of the use of video games by her children. Here we share all the details of this story.

The requirements of a mother to use video games

A mother living in Albuquerque, United States, recognized the dangers of children playing video games without a controller. Therefore, He told his children that they had to walk 12,000 steps a day in order to catch them on weekends.

The intention of this measure is to counter sedentary lifestyle at all costs. Well, If you don’t, you know you’re in great danger of developing conditions like being overweight and weakening your bones.

In view of this, the mother told them that the goal could be met throughout the day by exercising or walking around the house. This is because the ideal is that they carry out the activity that they like the most so that they do not feel forced.

The moment the decision went viral

The innovative rule of this American mother became popular because she shared a video through her TikTok. In this, one of the children was seen exercising on a treadmill and a statement in which he reported that he had to do 12,000 steps a day to use video games.

As a result, the video material quickly spread on the internet. For that reason, generated all kinds of reactions from Internet users.

On the one hand, A group of people stated that they thought it was an excellent measure to take care of their children’s health. Also, that it was a great alternative to indicate the importance of always being active.

But on the other hand some members of the population indicated that they felt the rule was a bit extreme. Also, that the children could interpret it as a punishment.

But nevertheless, The mother defended herself by saying that she was doing it to take care of the health of her most loved people. Also, it wasn’t an authoritative imposition because their children could make the decision not to do the steps and not play with the electronic tools on the weekend.

This is how today in that family group, importance is given to leisure time, but also to health.

Final reflection

Stipulating rules to be able to use video games is essential so that children do not become dependent on them. Also, so that they do not lose interest in doing other activities that help them strengthen their skills.

In the same way, to prevent children from starting to develop medical problems from childhood. Well, Excessive stillness ends up going through a collection account sooner or later.

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