Mistakes you make at dinner that ruin your diet

It is the last meal of the day and you have to pay special attention to what you eat because, although you have been eating very healthy throughout the day, an error at dinner may not make you lose weight or even increase in size. We give you the keys so you can dine without your figure suffering.

Do not make dinner the most important meal of the day

If you are following a diet of slimming try to ingest most of the calories throughout the morning and at noon, the dinner should contribute 30% of the calories of the day. We know that when you are about to finish the day you arrive home hungry and the dinner is almost like a prize, but be moderate if you want to control the weight.


If you are very hungry at dinner time start by taking a light starter such as a vegetable broth, a miso soup, cold soup or consommé. From the second choose grilled vegetables and a piece of quality protein baked or grilled as for example chicken, turkey, eggs or fish

Have dinner just before going to sleep

We start from the basis that you are eating a healthy diet because it is more important what you eat than when you eat it. Late dinner can make you gain weight when insulin levels rise. It negatively affects the metabolism of fats, digestion slows down and you can have sleep disturbances as well as burning and heaviness in the stomach.


Hormones that regulate appetite and weight control, such as ghrelin or leptin, are regulated by sleeping and eating healthily, the digestive process should not occur during sleep so that you have a good rest and your hormone levels adjusted. Dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed, if you can before much better.

Take only fruit

It seems that if you take fruit for dinner you are making a very light and low fat dinner, however the sugar levels of the fruit are high so it should be taken during the day and until mid-afternoon. Those high levels of sugar you will not be able to burn because you go to bed and also trigger the production of insulin that causes that excess blood glucose is stored as fat.

According to Leticia Carrera, technical director of the Happiness Career Center and nutrition expert, "If you want to lose weight faster, it would be more effective and satiating eat only protein at dinner because it avoids the risk of chopping two hours after having only taken fruit as dinner and it will help you to sleep better without waking up with a hungry hunger since sometimes, just the fact of being on a diet, already increases your appetite. "


If you still decide to eat fruit at dinner avoid those that have a high level of sugar and opts for purifying fruits such as pineapple, papaya or watermelon.

Abusing carbohydrates

Whole grains, sandwiches, some pasta … sometimes do not want to cook and eat something fast that requires minimal preparation and is not advisable. Why? Because with carbohydrates It happens the same as with sugar, they are high glycemic index and cause an increase in insulin that transforms excess blood sugar into fat.

If you want to include carbohydrates in your dinner choose those with lower glycemic index and advance the time of intake. Mushrooms, spinach, mushrooms or Swiss chard are great options to have at dinner.


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If you add these tips to your healthy diet you will prevent the dinner from continuing to boycott your slimming regimen allowing you to control the weight better. You can make a light and early dinner with the right ingredients and you will see the results in a very short time.

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