Mistakes you have made during quarantine that harm your health (and how to reverse them)

Isolation by coronavirus has tested us and dismantled all our routines. The effects of quarantine have become evident both physically and psychologically and we have all made certain mistakes that we are in time to correct. Be honest with yourself (and also kind) and, if you have made mistakes, we help you reverse them so that you return the balance to your day to day.

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Alter your schedules

Uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, fear or stress are factors that alter sleep cycles and surely you have suffered from any of them. Insomnia, night awakenings, falling asleep late, eating late … your biological rhythm has been altered and the consequences are not at all desirable: irritability, lack of energy, fatigue, a lower state of mind …

The ideal is to regulate the schedules to regain harmony and physical and mental health. Set yourself a schedule for meals, get up and always go to bed. An orderly life will give you peace of mind and you will feel better, more animated and with more energy.

Neglecting your diet

Okay, let's face it, the anxiety, the shock of living almost in an apocalyptic Hollywod movie, and all the changes that this health emergency situation has brought us, have changed our consumption habits, and our diet therefore.

Being at home for a long time, together with the previous factors, has made us often eat out of boredom or confuse emotional hunger with real hunger. We have overcooked to “make home”, homemade pastries, sweets, bread, we have taken unhealthy snacks, whims… it is time to reset the counter and resume the healthy life you were doing. Rebalance your diet by taking more fruit and vegetables, avoiding the ultra-processed and betting on real food. Drink more water and avoid sugars and heavy elaborations. Resuming your healthy diet will provide you with self-confidence, health, well-being and control, something that in other areas we cannot unfortunately achieve. Mens sana in corpore sana.

Inform yourself

An excess of information is a constant bombardment that will make you think all day about the dramatic situation that the world is experiencing in general and our country in particular. It is not necessary to escape from reality but dose the information so that it does not affect you so much as to discourage you, get depressed, not let you sleep, stress yourself, generate a lot of anxiety … The situation is true that it has been and it is terrible but to be informing you all day long. going to make it change. You can inform yourself daily in a limited time slot that you decide but the rest of the day disconnect to avoid limiting your life and pushing you down a path that is not desirable.

Neglecting your hygiene

Just because we are at home and not go out to work, to the movies, to canes or with friends does not mean that we have to neglect our personal hygiene. Showering daily, brushing teeth after meals, dressing, combing hair and even why not? Putting on a little makeup, makes you feel much better, in addition to the benefits of cleaning, raise your self-esteem and your level of well-being increases. Turn them into pleasant rituals, even if you spend most of the day at home and go out very little or nothing, take a shower with scent gels that you like, wrap yourself in creams or oils with velvety textures or spray your favorite perfume on your clothes, they are gestures that provide very pleasant sensations and that will make you see the day in a different way.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentarism does not benefit anyone, it is true that the situation is complex but activating it is a step forward that will make you live confinement in another way. Physical exercise increases mood by secreting more serotonin (hormone of happiness), provides energy and will make you fit, more agile, more awake and with greater well-being. Clear the mind and strengthen the body. Do not blame yourself if one day a week you want to rest, we all deserve a break and it is very healthy but it does not become a habit because it has undesirable consequences.

Take advantage of the fact that now we can go for a walk and get up early, exercise outdoors or go for a walk, run or stretch, this simple gesture will make your day better and start in a better way. Take heart, this will also pass and each day is one day less for it to end.

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