Mexicana produces plastic that biodegrades in 90 days with orange peels

This woman devised a strategy to combat the damage caused by plastic and created a company dedicated to changing that reality.

Last update: 04 january, 2022

Plastic is one of the most used materials in our environments. Well, It is cheap, strong, easy to handle and easy to carry for both growers and buyers.

However, despite its wide uses, it represents a great danger to planet earth. This because of It is one of the products that most pollutes the environment because it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

Because of this, in all that time they generate endless emissions of carbon dioxide that damage the quality of the air. What’s more, These same toxic wastes pollute the soils and the environments in which they are deposited.

In this way, it has become one of the resources that is most affecting water quality. Well, the substances that dissolve from it completely change its natural and ecological conditions.

Additionally, when they are not thrown away, they end up covering the ducts. That is how apart from causing floods, it makes the surroundings pollute because they stagnate a large amount of garbage.

On the other hand, one of the great problems is that it is being deposited in water sources. That way, having toxic elements can cause the death of animals that come to interact with that material.

Apart from this, it can also cause drowning of aquatic animals. Well, it is a resource in which they are trapped and it is difficult for them to loosen up again to breathe calmly.

A project to change that reality

In view of this worrying problem, a Mexican woman named Giselle Mendoza decided to create a strategy that would reduce the environmental impact. He did this when he was participating in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, a competition for entrepreneurs.

The situation that motivated her was knowing that her country is one of the places that consumes the most plastic. This is due to the fact that citizens consume a large amount of beverages packaged in that material on a daily basis.

This is how in the analysis process, Giselle found that orange peels are an element with which biodegradable plastics can be produced. Well, its components allow the material to decompose in 90 days and return to the earth in a natural way.

In addition, the project allows to solve another relevant problem. Well, It was found that the vast majority of industries that work with oranges dispose of them very early and cause landfills to fill unnecessarily.

That way, when used in the production of plastic they are reused again, avoiding the generation of CO2 levels and giving landfills a breaks. This increases the useful life of these important places.

Because of all these findings, Giselle Mendoza’s initiative was awarded first place in the contest. This is how the woman received the last push she needed to put her strategy into practice.

The production of biodegradable plastic

Currently, Giselle owns a company called GECO Technologies, which is dedicated to implementing these types of bioplastics. What’s more, collects all the raw material that the industries that work with oranges decide to stop using before their time.

However, he is clear that this step he has taken is only the beginning. Well, his big dream is to be able to build a great plant in which exuberant amounts of plastics made from orange peels are produced.

In the same way, he has revealed to the media that his company is analyzing other alternatives. This because of they also have in mind to be able to build many more types of biodegradable plastics.

How else to combat the problem?

All people can contribute to curbing this type of pollution with some daily habits. For it, First of all, it is a good idea to stop using single-use plastics, as they fill landfills very quickly and produce a large amount of gases.

Added to this, an important decision is also to recycle at home. This because of This way, the plastic can be reused many times and prevent it from agglomerating in a harmful way in the environment.

Finally, it is vital to avoid the use of traditional plastics as much as possible. For this, It is important that citizens understand that materials such as glass can fulfill the same functions, but are more environmentally friendly.

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