Mermaid eyes: tips to apply this TikTok makeup trend

In social networks you get countless alternatives to make up your face. “Siren eyes” is one of these viral techniques that give depth to the look.

Last update: 15 October, 2022

Mermaid eye makeup is one of the most popular on TikTok. Content creators and celebrities wear the technique that promises a captivating look. As the name indicates, the inspiration comes from these mythological characters who seduced men with enchanting melodies.

mermaid eyes is another way of calling the trend that winks at foxy eyesbecause prolongs the shape of the eyes to create a striking look. You need the basic cosmetics, plus finesse and precision in execution.

The results show the lifting of the eyebrows and half-closed eyes, giving them mystery and sensuality. We reveal more information about it.

How to apply “mermaid eyes” makeup?

Many women put on makeup not only to camouflage imperfections or highlight attributes; They also do it because they want to feel pretty, enhance their self-esteem and feminine confidence, as argued by the National Chamber of the Cosmetic Products Industry.

Painting the “mermaid eyes” is one of the methods to this end. The science is in achieving the ripped effect, using eyeliner; To do this, you cover from the tear duct to the corner of the eye.

Other additions correspond to the shadow, the masks and the illuminator. In general, the tips to carry out the siren eyes are the following:

  1. Preparation of the eyelids: the look It reaches its maximum whenever you prepare the eyelids with eyeshadow primer or concealer. This step is essential to extend the duration of makeup.
  2. Border: paint the outside of the eyes black. Make sure that the path does not collide with the fold. Then draw the upper area of ​​the eyelid with the same product, taking the mark to the middle region of the eyebrow.
  3. Provides depth: roll the pencil in the tear area and under the lashes. This is the secret for the look to obtain depth.
  4. Blur: With the help of a brush, blur the outline, directing it towards the temple. You can also add a touch of black shadow on the lines, to accentuate the effect.

If you want, use a small brush to put highlighter in the center of the eye and in the corner of the eye.

The eyeliner plays much of the role in this style.

A second alternative to make up “mermaid eyes”

With the same purpose of broadening the appearance of the eyes and showing off a seductive look, we propose a second option of siren eyes. This one goes for a more natural wave, which proposes not to pigment the lower part of the eyes.

In addition, it incorporates other cosmetics and instruments into the procedure. Take note of the guide:

  1. Tan: apply bronzer on the eyelid up to the eyebrow.
  2. Shadow: with brown shadow color the eye socket and blur, as you lengthen towards the temple. The use of earth tones serves as a basis for later adding black.
  3. Outline: the outer line is marked with a beveled brush; it is now when the black color comes on top.
  4. Triangulate: use a make-up remover wipe as a rule, so that it delimits a kind of small triangle that you will draw in the tear duct.
  5. lengthen: close the technique, stretching the eyelashes with mascara. Some people add false eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye. This is how they gain the feeling of elevation and penetrating gaze.

Tips for Perfecting Mermaid Eye Makeup

One of the main recommendations to carry out the “mermaid eyes” makeup is to dedicate the first phase of personal grooming to it. Namely, take care of the eyes first and then the rest of the skin.

It’s also important to keep your strokes steady and precise, so if you’re having a hard time, it helps to tape your lower lash line extension. Keep in mind that fluffy brushes are ideal for blending the first tone; while the beveled ones are perfect for outlining.

As for the color palette, this TikTok trend goes hand in hand with shades of brown, black and naked. You’ll get a dazzling effect if you use an eyeshadow that matches the color of your iris.

Moistening the brushes with fixative guarantees the effect for more hours.

The inspiration for this makeup is in the stories of mermaids, mythological beings that enchanted sailors.

Precautions to consider when applying eye makeup

Usually, eye makeup deserves care, since some mixtures could be harmful to the eyes. The Spanish Association of United Optometrists highlights that only products formulated for the surroundings of the eyes can be used.

Although you want to imitate as much as possible the look of a mermaid, appealing to brightness and fantasy tones, check that the cosmetics do not contain irritating substances. One of the ways to prevent adverse reactions is to buy dermatologist-approved makeup.

Similarly, remember to disinfect brushes, brushes and applicators. after grooming you, the bristles accumulate residue and impurities that can cause conditions in sight.

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