Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival: buy your ticket now for the most important healthy life and sustainability event of the year


Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival

The next 25 and 26 September will be held in Madrid, in person, the most complete, transformative and appetizing festival of sustainable living, yoga and mindfulness of the year.

By Miriam Aguilar

September 3, 2021 / 10:16

Underline the dates well on your calendar: the next September 25 and 26 the most complete, transformative and appealing festival of sustainable living, yoga and mindfulness of the year is celebrated in Madrid, in person.

The natural asks for step

Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival was created to help us live better and healthier and renew, once and for all, those habits of life that you have always wanted to change. We will begin the course in the hands of the most recognized experts, with the conferences of the ethologist and messenger of peace of the UN Jane goodall, actress, producer, journalist and environmental activist Elsa Pataky, the national triple jump record holder Ana Peleteiro, who gave us the joy of our life in Tokyo, the exmoje and coach of purposes Jay shetty, the spanish priest Pablo D’Ors, the journalist, writer and ambassador of the Al Gore Foundation, champion of the ‘No Plastic’ movement Isabel jimenez, the expert doctor in leadership Mario Alonso Puig, the doctor in neuroscience Nazareth Castellanos, the nutritionist and food technologist Aitor Sánchez, the geographer, teacher, surfer and popularizer of ocean science and culture Juan José González Trueba, fitness expert Marcos Vázquez… and many more names that you can see here.

Take a break…

Also yogis Veronica Blume, David Kyle, Aida Artiles and Mercedes de la Rosa they will show you, in person and in exclusive master classes, how to work to transform your body and connect it with your mind and your emotions. They say that yoga is the best cure for the soul and, although we do not know if you will achieve Nirvana, we confirm that you will learn from the best, in a unique experience.

In addition, the practical classes will arrive with other great masters of well-being who, through their yoga sessions, meditation and Gong baths, will discover a new way of living much fuller, happier and more conscious.

This is what we like the most about September …

This will not be just any weekend. At Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival we want to help you explore the connection with yourself, between people, with the planet. There are no empty words: reaching "the best version of yourself" makes sense to be able to listen live, and receive from you to you, the advice of the greatest national and international experts.

This plan #tesientabien

We want to live longer, but also to live better. At the festival we are going to find out how to do it. Because each of us can do much more than you think for our environment, take care of healthy and conscious eating, work on our rest and balance or empathy in relationships with others, end anxiety and achieve that our rest and I dream of being, really, restorative… Wanting is power, and the Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival lies in all these proposals that, without a doubt, can help you transform your way of perceiving, relating, being in the world.

We will return to our roots, to the natural, the holistic and the real.

After the return of the holidays and after many months of worries and complicated moments, Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival arrives as the international reference event to celebrate life itself.

What will you find at the event?

Under the motto ‘2021: A new way of living’, a meeting space is opened in which we will discuss the future of the planet, of society itself and its already urgent challenges, such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion. The event has the support of Mercedes EQ as Global Partner, the sponsorship of Garnier and Miele and the collaboration of Ahava and Diana, among others.

Where and when is the Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival taking place?

The days September 25 and 26, Green Patio (Calle Salamanca 23, Madrid) will become the headquarters of our festival for people who, like you and us, seek answers to learn to live better, people who want to know and also share.

Do not miss your entry!

  • Come in person! Buy one of the packs (or several!) And come see us. In the enclosure, the capacity established by the regulations and the security protocols specified against COVID-19 will be respected.
  • Buy your ticket online. Sand this time you can't come, we also make it easy for you: go to our website and register to follow our streaming talks.



Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival

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