Mental health, what therapies can improve it?

Mental health consists of a general psychological well-being. This includes the feeling of well-being with yourself and a good ability to handle feelings and relationships. People who have good mental health know how to control their behavior as well as their emotions and can face problems better.

To obtain it, It is necessary to work on self-confidence, self-esteem and stress management. In the same way, establishing good relationships with other people is a fundamental pillar.

It is important to know that being mentally healthy implies much more than the absence of depression or anxiety In this article we explain a series of tips and therapies to achieve it.

Good physical health is related to mental health

As I said that phrase in Latin ‘mens sana in corpore sano‘, Which means sana healthy mind in a healthy body’, To be able to enjoy mental health, we must also pay attention to our body.

When we improve our physical state, we increase psychological well-being at the same time. And, although many people do not know, exercise also has effects on our brain. It helps the release of endorphins, chemical substances that intervene in our mood.

Take care of your habits

It is very important that you conceive your organism as a whole, rather than separate parts. The human body works in synchrony. Thus, maintaining a good sleep rhythm and good nutrition are fundamental pillars For good mental health.

In the same way, it is necessary to avoid toxic habits. Drinking alcohol or any other exciting drug will alter your mental health. Try to avoid them since, in addition to a problem of addiction, they can cause serious alterations of your moods.

Reduce stress to improve your mental health

The lifestyle we lead today makes our daily lives full of stressful situations and anxiety. Thus, It is essential that we learn to manage this stress or that we reduce it. The ideal is to compensate all those negative feelings of the routine with small things that make you happy.

You can also try a series of relaxing exercises. Yoga or Pilates are good alternatives. Similarly, making small getaways outside the city or away from that stressful environment can greatly alleviate the situation.

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Express your opinions

It is normal that sometimes you feel afraid to express your opinions or your feelings. No one wants to feel rejected in a group or offend others, that's why Speaking freely is often complicated.

However, keeping your feelings, preferences or ideas for you can cause problems in your mental health. You have to learn to express yourself freely, without fear, as it will help you feel a sense of freedom and well-being.

Group therapies help release accumulated emotional tension.

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Therapies for mental health

In addition to all these tips, there are certain options that help improve mental health. First, we found psychotherapy. There are different types, but most provide similar benefits:

  • They provide the necessary tools to better handle conflicts and to change our limiting beliefs.
  • Further, offer support and confidentiality, which helps to let off steam freely.
  • In the same way, they are very useful to get to know oneself better.

Support groups are another alternative to improve our mental health. They are formed around a common and concrete problem and provide friendships, support and examples of overcoming.

On the other hand, Medicine is also essential for certain mental health problems. It establishes certain treatments based on scientific evidence, which considerably improve the symptoms, although they depend on the type of condition and the patient. In some cases, hospital or residential treatment may be necessary.

In conclusion

Each person benefits more or less from some measures or treatments. Therefore, if you feel that something threatens your mental health, you can not be happy or you have trouble maintaining your mood, the ideal is to go to a specialist.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are people who can help you improve your life. Do not be afraid or ashamed to contact someone, Mental health is as important as physical.