Mental energy: 11 tips to stimulate it

Have you ever felt tired mentally, instead of physically? Well, this means that your mental energy was at very low levels; something that may happen to you with some assiduity.

It is nothing strange. Mental energy wears out with stress, worries, bad habits, stagnating and always doing the same thing.

Is it time to change this? We think so, so here are 11 tips to end this pattern.

1. Exercise

Maybe you had no idea this was true, but physical exercise increases neural connections. This is what a research group claims.

The increase in quantity, strength and density of synaptic connections will stimulate your mental energy. You'll feel more awake, energetic, and more productive at work.

2. Stay hydrated

How many times do you drink a day? The 2 liters that you have always read that are recommended? Well, although this is very good, what we want to advise you is to drink depending on what your body demands.

Of course, if you have problems drinking due to laziness or because your body does not warn you well that it needs it, every hour drink a glass or half a glass of water.

3. Use your breath consciously

Surely you do not realize how you breathe on a daily basis. Well, sometimes, in it is the key that you end up stressing yourself or having a picture of anxiety.

This does not benefit your mental energy at all, so try mindful breathing. During your break at work or every 2 hours, take a short break and breathe consciously for about 5 minutes.

Breathing is key to mood, so you can practice ways to improve it.

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4. Memorize on the go

When you're out of school and focused on work, you have little chance to memorize. In addition, technology makes it very easy for us so that we do not have to.

What do we advise you? That while you are moving you memorize something. A phone number, a speech to prepare, a recipe. You will learn it much better.

5. Eat properly

Despite the fact that mental energy is part of your mind, a proper diet will go a long way to stimulate and enhance it. If you eat too many sugar-rich ultra-processed foods, your brain will depend on glucose.

The same is true with caffeine. So keep a balance so that you do not have a drop in energy when your body does not receive these types of products.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Stagnant is not good for your mental energy. In the end, you will not be stimulating it and, little by little, you will notice how it diminishes.

You will feel tired, lacking in goals. So get out of your comfort zone. How? Trying yoga at home, going to work a different path, starting an online course on a topic you like, learning a new language.

7. Face new challenges

Just like stepping out of your comfort zone will stimulate your mental energy, the same will happen if you face new challenges. You can take the initiative in your work to do something that until now you did not dare. You can paint a picture (even if you've never been good at it), do some volunteer work, or speak in public.

8. Take advantage of sunlight as a natural source of mental energy

What happens in the winter months? Many people feel sad and listless. One of the reasons is that you do not get the necessary vitamin D, which is produced from sunlight.

So every day try to expose yourself a little to ultraviolet rays, about 15 minutes and taking precautions not to suffer burns. We assure you that you will feel more full of energy.

9. Read

We know that you don't have time, that your life is very busy, but reading is essential to stimulate mental energy. Why don't you read a few pages when you go on the subway or the bus?

Would it be possible to read only one page a day of a book? We are sure that it is. Reading books has multiple benefits for your brain and this is one of them. Take advantage of it.

Reading has many benefits and one of them relates to mental energy. But you have to practice it daily.

10. Listen to music

Besides reading, listening to music can also be a good way to boost your mental energy. It makes many parts of the brain activate.

If you want, instead of listening to music you can play an instrument. Try soft music while you work, or play it while practicing mindful breathing.

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11. Release your emotions

Finally, in order for you to enjoy good mental energy, it is important that you release your emotions. Ignoring or repressing them is not going to help you at all; it will only harm you.

Mental energy must be cultivated

You got it? These are the 11 tips that we had prepared for you that will help you stimulate your mental energy. Some of them you can put into practice at the same time, although We advise you to go one by one until you manage to integrate them into your routine.