Menstrual panties: everything you need to know

Have you used or heard about menstrual panties? These products promise to revolutionize intimate hygiene in terms of protection and comfort.

Last update: June 22, 2022

Menstrual panties represent a sustainable option compared to disposable sanitary pads and tampons. These garments designed to be worn during your period They stand out for being reusable, healthy and comfortable.

Specifically, they serve as classic underwear, but with the ability to retain flow without staining the rest of the outfit. How do they work? What types are there? Next, all the details.

What are menstrual panties and how do they work?

menstrual panties They are a model of intimate clothing whose materials are absorbent and safe. They are used to replace sanitary towels and tampons, with the advantage that they do not contaminate or bother.

Although some women prefer to use them alone, there are those who use them as a complement to the menstrual cup and other protection systems. It all depends on the flow level.

A market research company report Transparency Market Research (TMR) notes that the absorbency of menstrual clothing varies from half a tampon to 2 tampons. As usual, It is lingerie made with a base that has 3 layers of fabric.

  • The mantle that touches the skin is made of cotton and is the one that drains the fluid.
  • Another is polyurethane waterproof, so you don’t feel wet or leak blood.
  • The third cover mixes breathable elastane, to neutralize bacteria and odours.

The science of its operation is simple; wear it like traditional panties and change them every 8 to 12 hours, depending on how abundant the flow is.

Menstrual panties are made from materials that absorb fluid and prevent spillage.

Benefits of using menstrual panties

The Organization of Consumers and Users of Spain investigated among a group of women the perception of panties for the period and the answer pointed to the versatility of the garment. They consider them ideal in cycles of abundant flow, during the day, at night or in combination with other methods.

Its main benefits include the following:

  • Zero toxicity: Unlike tampons and disposable towels, the manufacturing material does not include silver nanoparticles, a component that can be toxic.
  • Comfort: by behaving like a common panty, does not bother or move, as it happens with the towels. Also, you stay dry.
  • Ecology: its usefulness extends for 2 years, during which time you collaborate with the environment by minimizing plastic waste. The duration of the pantyhose it also depends on the care they receive.

Are there disadvantages of menstrual panties compared to other products?

It is true that the reviews so far are positive. However, a couple of items refer to drawbacks.

  • Mostly, the panties are of dark fabrics, which does not reveal with certainty the stain of menstruation.
  • On the other hand, the garment is not so cheap; though compared to what you spend on pads and tampons, it’s a long-term investment.

Types of menstrual panties

TMR points out in its report the factors that segment the panties market for the period. The type, style and size are some of the elements that outline the analysis.

There is special lingerie for all stages of menstruation. In general, they are distinguished by waterproof ability, antibacterial care, odor cancellation and comfort. Next, we detail the classification.

For light flow

The patches of this kind of underwear are designed for the first and last days of menstruation, or when the bleeding is little. In fact, there is a thong model.

intermediate flow

Medium flow panties also vary in design. You can choose between lace, high-waisted or classic fabrics.

copious flow

For copious flow, the preparation of menstruation clothes is based on the use of the necessary layers to offer greater absorption.

For the night

Menstrual panties for the night are those that They allow you to sleep with the peace of mind that the blood will not stain the sheets at the slightest movement. This is a common situation with sanitary napkins, as they don’t always cover what’s needed and could shift or peel off the fabric.

panties for sports

Some women prefer not to exercise in full menstruation for fear of leaking in public or marking the pad. Luckily, there are different types of briefs or panties. leggingswhich is perfect for sports.


Perhaps the panties lessen the anxiety that a tampon causes you to go to the beach or the pool. Those who have lived the experience comment that they are sufficiently absorbent and generate security.

Menstrual panty designs have varied to suit different needs.

Panty grooming for menstruation

Menstrual hygiene has to do with the cleanliness of the person and, in this case, with the cleaning of the panties. Remember that it is reusable and for it to last a long time you must take care of it.

Wash them with a classic detergent, in the washing machine and without fabric softener. Let it dry outdoors, preferably where it receives sun. An extra recommendation is to rinse them with cold water to clarify before the strong wash. Now that you know about them, do you dare to try them?

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