Menstrual diary: what is it and what is it for?

The hormones, which are the substances that secrete cells and influence other cells and activate specific functions in the body, generate changes in the body of each woman on a physical, emotional, mental, sexual and energetic level.

The menstrual cycle is divided into four phases, which are repeated again and again in the fertile stage of women. It can last between 21 and 35 days, but this does not mean that every time you feel the same, or that all women experience the same changes in different phases.


Daily logging of your menstrual cycle is a practical tool for self-knowledge. Invites you to take a moment, every day, for observe your interior and exterior. This way, you can perceive the energies you travel in each phase, discover the gifts and blockages of each and above all, cultivate self-esteem. If you know yourself, you can attend to your deep desires and needs.

You can use a red notebook to get inspired and turn your cycle record into a daily ritual and a moment of internal listening.


– Recognize each phase of your cycle: menstrual, pregvulatory, ovulatory and premenstrual.

– Transit each stage of the hormonal cycle consciously.

– Differentiate the energy levels of each phase and discover, for example, in which phase you have greater availability and willingness to perform specific activities.

– Perceive your emotions and understand your humor changes.

– Know your sexual desire, which may vary depending on the phase you are in.

– Record one of the main points of the syothermal method: the method of natural contraception and conscious fertility.

– Work on symptom in particular, such as migraines, uterine pain or pre menstrual syndrome.

– Balance your feeding, your physical training and rest periods.

– Connect with your ability to develop and give birth not only children, but also projects, ideas and ventures.

– Connect with the possibility of aligning yourself to your intentions and your desires cycle by cycle, and release the anxieties and worries of each month.

– Channel your creativity, embrace the changes and accept the cyclicity Feminine


From the physical body:

– Phase of the cycle in which you are.

– Vaginal fluids: texture, color, quantity.

– Menstrual blood: texture, color, quantity.

– Changes in your vulva, your vagina or your breasts.

– Perceptions of your breasts and the area of ​​the uterus.

– Symptoms in particular.

From the psychic, emotional, spiritual field:

– Mind registration: agile, focused, creative, tired, scattered, with repetitive thoughts or old conversations.

– Registration of emotions: take time to breathe, observing the center of your chest and perceive your emotional and emotional state.

– Record your energy level, especially your sexual energy.

– Registration of spiritual consciousness: dreams, revelations, oracles, synchronicities or meditations of the day.

While there are applications that you can use on your cell phone to record your cycle in detail, the diary, notebook or logbook allows you to connect with the ritual of taking a moment to study yourself, so that you can get to know yourself in depth to live a life full. In addition, when writing by hand, you can also draw or paint to describe the sensations of each day, connecting with your creativity.



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